Deep state

I have heard a a lot of talk about how amazing the deep state is and was wondering if its worth it. I have a Confusion and I don’t love responsive yoyos. Is the deep state just a yoyo everyone should have or if I’m not a fan of responsives is it not worth it?

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If you are not a fan of metal responsives the Deep State is not gonna change your mind. You can run it semi-responsive if you clean the bearing… but then the Confusion already has that ability as well, I think it includes a wide bearing as well as thinner silicone pads?

So I would avoid it if you are not liking the Confusion.


Thanks this really helps

The confusion has an A bearing. It does have the thin pads. You can switch out the the fat ones for the thin ones to make it less unresponsive. I’m not sure if it will be totally unresponsive, but it probably will. Just won’t take as many layers as a full gap C bearing yo-yo.

I think mine was unresponsive when I put the thin pads in, but I ended up heavily lubing the bearing, because I wanted it responsive, but still able to do more string tricks. So, I don’t really remember.

Anyway, start there!

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Yeah, try the confusion with the flush silicone pads, for semi-responsive, and see if that is more to your liking.

Because I am a freak, I have two of the GTs and one of them is set up flush, the other one with the default responsive silicone pads.

It was kinda eye-opening because I always thought response was about changing the gap, primarily through using a wide or narrow bearing … but in this case it’s 100% the silicone pads as @Myk_Myk correctly pointed out!

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It makes perfect sense that YYF would think of handling it this way, in light of their history of making yo-yos that use adjustable shuttles.

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