What are you throwing in 2018?

I also have a red/silver SPiMASTER X. What do you think of it?

What is that middle red one?

It is the Rain City Skills / OhYesYo sk8er, of course…

It’s hub isn’t a fingerspin dimple, is it?

All Rain City yo-yos have a lego compatible stud there, so … no.

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Just bought our first throws on 10/17. Now it’s this. 4 more in the mail as we speak. It’s getting out of control.



I call that “a good start” :wink:


Yeah, I don’t know if I even want to know how many you have. Little by little. I’m honestly enjoying buying/trying new ones as much as I am playing with them.

Just got that Replay Pro today and I’m THOROUGHLY impressed with how it plays.


I found this and today is DNA day.

photo P1000382_zpsiaj9f3hj.jpg


…which once again opens up the discussion: when is enough, enough? At what point do we say, “I have enough, I’m set!”?

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I have a feeling my wife is going to say that for me!

Have to pause on purchasing for a bit. My son just ate the coffee table and might have broken his nose. Gotta see how much this ER visit is gonna set me back.


I wish him the best and truly hope he is alright!

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I repeat:

You’ll know it’s enough when it is enough until then it’s not enough. I hope I’ve helped clear that up for you.:japanese_ogre::ghost:

Throwing a spyder today!

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A yoyo for a casual night out with the boys, a different one to bring when taking a date to a fancy restaurant, one for sad days, one for happy days… It’s the lure of shiny objects that has us captivated and we’ll never escape. How about for every 5th yoyo we buy we must introduce someone to yoyoing and if they seem seriously interested, give / buy them a yoyo that will help them on their yoyo adventure?

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Not every day you see a Lilith that’s been played! Bravo!

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Thanks! She was my first high end metal. Hell I learned to bind on this baby.


Hummingbird today! :dove:



That parlay tho

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