Cricket Bind

So I’ve created a new bind called a cricket bind, and I quite like it.

Here’s how you do it:
Go into a trapeze and the do one Black Hop so that you’re in a Reverse Trapeze. Swing the yoyo around and into the top string, and let go with your NTH when it starts to catch.

Tell me what you think!

I hate to be that guy, but I don’t suppose you could make a video? :wink: I don’t know what a Reverse Trapeze is. Is that the same as a Brother mount? (side note: if so, I’m going to start using that, because “Man on the Flying Trapeze and His Brother” or even just “Brother” are so oddball to me)

Yeah, its the same as Trapeze and His Brother. :wink:

Your bind is successful. Kudos.

This forum needs a way to “save for later” so that I don’t forget to try this…

Sorry guys, forgot a step :’(
When you get into the Reverse Trapeze, do a Trapeze and His Brother Slack, and [i]then[i] swing it into the top string from there. Hope this helps :wink:

I’ve never been more confused… Video…?

Not entirely sure if this is right but this is how I’m interpreting the instructions (skipped the black hop and just went straight into the brother mount):

Apologies for the poor video quality. Shot this at night in my room under one of those energy saving light bulbs.


That’s it, but instead of swinging it around to the reverse trapeze, jump it like black hops

Quite a fun bind to do =)


Thanks! I made it up by smashing my knuckles on accident.

Okay, here we go, done properly with the black hop and natural daylight. Still working on smoothing it out.


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I love this bind! I do it all the time after slack combos.

I only wish any of my moves were that smooth, Yuki. :wink: Thanks for the video!


Fun bind YoNinja! Nice video showing it too Yuki!

Reminds me of a stall I made

Ill post a vid here later

Hey can someone do a tutorial for this amazing bind?

I actually came up with this myself a few years ago, by accident. But thought nothing of it (I was a noob back then) and never did it again.

So thanks for coming up with this…it looks really clean!

I’ll make a tutorial, should be up by tonight

Here you go…it’s rushed, but hopefully it does the job :slight_smile: