Crazy cheap chinese yoyos

Anyone have cheap Chinese throws that were totally worth it? What’s your opinion on them?
Not looking to start a debate.

Here’s a crazy one I found:

Full titanium for $100?

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I’ve seen brand new titanium throws from chinese company that function like decent high-end yoyos sell for around 60 dollars.

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Like the divemaster?

nope, the ones I’m talking about are full titanium from Jazzyo. Found one on the second hand market(380rmb=53usd)

I have a vosun Haeli. It’s pretty nice, but definitely not high performing. Bit center-weighted and the rims are a liiiitle sharp. 7/10 yoyo it’s fun and it almost ‘sings’ during play.


That’s a genbu if I’m not mistaken. I have one too. Super great throw.

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yep, I keep forgetting the name