Selling few titanium yoyos from Hong Kong

Hi everyone,

Nice to meet you. I am writing on behalf of my friend in Hong Kong who would like to sell a few titanium yoyos. He is currently located in Hong Kong and willing to ship internationally. Here is the list of titanium yoyo (all mint).

  1. CLYW, titanium Peak, Raw, 400 USD + shipping

  2. Turning point, Disaperoa, 670 USD + shipping

  3. sOMEThING, Anglam Zero, Raw, 650 USD +shipping, but no original boxes

  4. sOMEThING, Anglam Zero, Black, 750 USD+shipping, no original boxes

  5. YoYoJam, Speeder 2 (white, red, black), 100 USD each, no boxes

I am very sorry that I am not able to post more than one picture, as a new user here. If you are interested, feel free to pm me and I can show you more pictures.

The shipping cost is estimated to be ~25-40 USD, shipping from Hong Kong. Price are negotiable. Thank you very much.

Stay safe and have a good day!


hey man, thanks for joining!

have your friend join too since he is in possession of the throws… the bst info is here…


I am Stephen’s friend and also those YoYo owner, as I am not really good in English and difficult to handle YoYo trading issue, so I authorised Stephen to assist on the case. Thank you for your understanding.


And all the YoYo on the list is the brand new, never been use, however for some YoYo I have lost the original box.


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Price updated for Christmas sale.

I also offer a lower price for fellow Canadian yoyoers, see the price in the blanket, “()”

  1. CLYW Peak, raw and mint, 350 USD (350 CAD for Canadian)

  2. Turning point Diaspora, mint condition, come with wooden box and pouch, 570 USD (700 CAD)

All price does not include shipping and PayPal service charge (if you request paying by PayPal)

PM me if you are interested. Price is negotiable, and I can offer more discounts when buying multiple yoyos.

Hey there, hope you’re well!
Just wondering if your Ti Peak was available still? Thanks

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