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Welcome to the YoYoExpert Buy, Sell & Trade. Looking for a specific yo-yo or want to trade something you have? This is the place to do it. Let’s keep it simple with some basic rules:

  1. Please always include pictures of what you are selling or trading. You can only sell or trade items you currently own and are in your possession, as illustrated by the picture you’ve taken of it. Your pictures should show any existing damage or flaws.

  2. Please list the make, model, and colorway name (if known) of each yo-yo. Be sure to accurately describe any issues with the yo-yo, including any damage or vibe.

  3. Listed prices will always be assumed to include continental US shipping unless you state otherwise. If you have special shipping costs, you must clearly state that in your listing.

  4. If paying money versus trading YoYoExpert highly recommends using PayPal ‘Goods & Services’’ as a payment option. If seller requests ‘Friends & Family’ payment be aware there is no protection from PayPal or the forum if the trade should go bad. A payment sent via ‘Goods & Services’ means PayPal will support you when something is lost or not received as expected. If seller feels it necessary they should include the PayPal ‘fees’ as part of purchase price. Paying using ‘Friends & Family’ is at your own risk.

  5. Please do not publicly post your personal mailing address or phone number on the forums. Send a ‘Personal Message’ instead using the forum to send this information for a trade directly.

  6. It is OK to bump your B/S/T topic a maximum of one time per day. To bump, either edit the last post (preferred), or post a new reply. Please avoid having your B/S/T topic open for more than 3 months.

  7. All B/S/T topics will automatically close 30 days after the last reply.

  8. Please don’t post negative comments regarding BST prices. If things aren’t priced properly they won’t sell.

  9. You must be trust level 1 to create a new B/S/T topic which means you need to spend some time reading and participating here first.

If this is your first time using the B/S/T please refer to these helpful tips.

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