Selling decent looking yoyos

I will not be able to trade sell and buy here anymore, because people are so rude. It’s my first time here, I was about to update the photos, but since the environment wasn’t friendly, I decide to leave


I have valuable currency to use in a transaction such as this. I’m not gonna tell you exactly what form of currency it is, or how much… but it is currency, it is valuable and used to purchase things.


I am in need of a digital aide of some sort to determine whether or not I should purchase such a product. This digital aide does not have to be a still, colorized photographic image, it could also contain moving imagery or other forms of non-verbal communication as well.


Joseph, take a look here…

Please observe the protocols.


You guys are really Rude….

I mean, what the heck else do you need to know?

  1. The bearings are in a super fine condition.

  2. The yo-yos are extremely satisfying looking around the edge….

  3. And…. No dims!

……Where is your sense of Adventure?

Why do minor missing details cause such apprehensive responses?

Give the poor guy the benefit of the doubt. He’s selling stuff in amazing colorways.

And you Clowns are missing out on opportunities of a lifetime.

He prolly has a whole bucket of unused Ti-Walkers.

But you guys will never know. Your low grade humor sucks the spice outta life.

By the way…… what’s he selling?



I was all in at “amazing colorways.” I’ll send a blank check sometime between now and never.


Pm me interested in ur non-dim throws


Welcome to the Forums. Sometimes people can be unwelcoming to newcomers. Sorry. A few posts up you will see the BST (buy, sell, trade) rules. Check that out and start taking photos of what you want to sell and figure out what prices you want to ask. It’s best to have a dollar amount in mind before you put anything up for sale. Check out the Introduce Yourself thread and tell us about yourself. People here get a little spooked by someone brand new to the Forums trying to sell yoyos so get yourself known and things will go smoother for you. Again, welcome!


I’ll take them. My Cryptocurrency is very crypto, so much so it’s invisible. Just kidding, Chris is right, it’s better to state rules then go on some sort of frenzy. What are they?


I’m thoroughly bummed out that we will never get to see the throws stated in the original post :smiling_face_with_tear:

I was on the edge of my seat, refreshing the app in anticipation of what they could possibly be :smiling_face_with_tear:


Sorry, buddy. Not everyone here is rude and jerky. I am positive there are some people genuinely interested in what you have to sell. Don’t let a few people ruin what could be a good experience by being a member here. Just ignore the snobs.


The weak are culled, the strong trade yoyos.


Maybe it’s possible we can be more accomodating with newcomers and teach them how things work and not just jump all over them. Sometimes this forum feels like a good ole boys club that hates the idea of a newcomer wandering in. This is Andre’s forum and a gateway to his store. Driving people away through teasing and mocking does not make Andre or his forum or his yoyo store look very good and may even hurt the sales of his store. @AndreBoulay


You’re right. At times this happens and an OP finds it funny, because at the end of the day, people who are passionate about yo-yos should not throw them in glass houses. Errr that’s not it…

I mean to be honest, I used to be the “new guy” and I probably would never have actually made an account, instead staying a lurker forever, if it weren’t for the jovial, fun nature of the forum members.

I do think we need to be inviting, but there are a few people who join here and just take things way to seriously. Not everyone will get along with every group they join, but I feel like the community is very helpful and welcoming 95% of time… unless your first post is a vauge BST or you post some less than savory or highly peculiar stuff (that boingyboinghelp guy comes to mind…)

Just my 2cents…


It’s actually sad how you guys treat people. Grow up. Clearly English wasn’t his first language, is that how you’d like to be greeted when entering a forum from another country in hopes to vibe with like minded individuals? Like mentioned above this forum is to help represent yoyoexpert as a whole, and you’re hurting business when you treat people like that inside the walls of the businesses forum. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves. Not everything has to be a joke, try being helpful for once, lead them in the direction of the information they needed to begin with. That stuff comes back around ten fold.


I see where the “be nicer” folks are coming from, but the individual made a scammy-sounding FS post that didn’t even list the throws. They entered a community and didn’t bother with the “start here” stuff (ie, forum rules) before creating a FS post as their very first post.

Not saying they SHOULD have been roasted, but I can understand how that would be the reaction when someone does the equivalent of walking into a room full of strangers and immediately ripping a fart.


Part of the issue is knowing the boundaries. With some regulars here, the exchanges are hilarious, and they love it when the sparks fly. With a newcomer, it’s not appropriate. If I was rude, I apologise. Anyway if the original poster sees all this, at least he knows that our replies are under evaluation.


I’m sorry but what even happened here

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Seems as if a bunch of adults bullied a new guy into literally leaving the forum or atleast not using it for what it was designed for, to vibe and connect with others. Kinda sad.

Sure hope whoever hurt y’all got what they deserved.