Factory, custom anodized and polish throws

Looking to sell and again no reasonable offer is refused. No trades PayPal only. I want to get this sold as quick as possible. If you dont know what the yoyo is please pick the row and letter and message me.

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can you provide a description please? thanks!

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Nope. I’ve been two days fielding relentless questions on FB and updating pictures. Pick something out, by row or color, and message me. I’ll get back to you.

Isn’t there a bst rule about naming the yoyos? It would take like 5 minutes of your time.

Here. I pick A 1-5, B 1-5 , C 1-5 and D 1-5…
Can you name the ones i selected


oooh, like battleship!


Maybe. When I was active here years ago I dont think so. There will be a million questions either way so what’s the problem?

Of course. I did every one of them. Search Mullicabob on yye and you will see.

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was there a peak halfswap in the last picture? it would have been an e5

No. I sold the bead blasted Peak yesterday on FB.

Heck yea. So is A4 a quake or afterahock. I cant fully tell

what’s the rest?

I see nothing has changed here.

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Was a Big Brother Bully. It is sold.


yep, people throw their nads around all the time… cuz they’ve been there… and everyone should kneel to that… they just pop in, after not being around for who knows how long… noobs should recognize… rules don’t matter to them… i believe the phrase is… if you know, then you know…

nothing’s changed… maybe the rules…

i’m fatguy snacks, and i walk the dog.


Oh I know. I just dont care and never really did. These yoyos have been in cases for years and since I’m a little rusty at remembering hundreds of names and fielding hundreds of questions from mighty tykes on FB I’m of the belief this will be just fine.

I’m Mullicabob and that’s all ya need to know

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Sorry…guess I dont know :wink:

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you sank my battleship!! :rofl: fair offers are difficult made without an item’s identity provenance accurately known. i bid you good day

People that message me get all the info they need. They did years ago and they do now. Ask anyone if I ever misinformed or scammed anyone in the history of my “yoyo” career. It simply hasn’t happened.

Now indeed onto business…deals galore people!

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