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I have lots of yoyos to sell or trade but i wanna do it a little different! Instead of me posting a picture and a list i want people to tell me what they want! You can be as basic as price or shape of the yoyo to as specific as to exactly what you are looking for! Hit up my messages with what you want, Thanks, Doug!

[b]NOTE: This guy is the scammer Jacob Shelton,
previously known as SKITZUSA that was recently banned here.
Vegabomb got him.

This account has been banned as well.[/b]


It’s really a lot easier on everyone else if you at least post a list of what you have and a price.


Guessing games can be fun though.

I want a triangle yoyo!




This is just the worst.

Instead of being bothered to post pictures, give details on the condition of the yoyos and prices, you turn this into a vague and tedoius parlour game.

I hope this thread gets deleted.


I think his reason for doing it is that he has an absolutely ridiculous amount of yoyos though. I mean, he responded to my RecRev post (and RecRev is, to be fair, a pretty obscure brand with a lot of yoyos and not a lot made of each one) with “I have four RecRev yoyos.” Then, after PMing me, he said that the yoyos are a sine//saw, a fig. 4, a bad rep lite, and a neaue, and that he also had a first gen octave that he forgot to mention. 3 of those 5 yoyos are some of the more rare, more old throws by RecRev, and Im pretty sure that the bad rep lite never even got released online. Coincidence? I think not. For him to out of the blue have a bunch of rare RecRev throws either is just a coincidence, or proves the ridiculous scale of his collection.


Let us know when they arrive.

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>


I want a RunFlat yoyo.

I always wanted a yoyo that would keep rolling even if It ran over a nail.

… And I am also looking for an Oy-Oy. That one is really hard to find.

I guess not that many Machinists are actually strong enough to turn a yoyo inside out.

…Seriously; though; I also have a whole lotta yo-yos. Including several Rec-Rev yo-yos. For 90 percent of my 1000 yo-yos; I have No filing/inventory system. I just have plastic totes in the Shop; stacked taller than me; lol.

So it’s not unusual for somebody to have ‘stuff’ other people are looking for.

Probably why some folks search forever for various yo-yos. Because guys like me; have basically moth-balled inventory. <>Hard to find certain yo-yos if they are holed up here and there.


Looking for slim-lines and classic style responsives:

Core Co - Alley Cat (really want a splash)
Tom Kuhn - Tom Cat (Or Black Cat)
Tom Kuhn - SB-2.2
Walter (yeah right…)

Looking for some plastic unresponsives:

Recess - First Base
Yoyo Recreation - Diffusion (2nd edition and newer)
Magic Yoyo - Skyva
CLYW - Yeti
2Sick - Pawn
One Drop - Cabal

The AlleyCat is first on my “needs” list. The others are on my little “wants” list so I’ll be a bit pickier about color and price.

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Please send PMs to the seller instead of posting here. The thread is unfairly being bumped too often.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


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