Factory, custom anodized and polish throws

Not to butt in…but

I PM’d and never got a reply; but that’s not my business…

I looked back and you are absolutely right. Very sorry I think the bst cops got me sidetracked.

I will be with you asap.

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If you want people to contact you, they need to know what you’re selling. A picture that looks like any one item could be one of ten or more things doesn’t inform anyone what you’re selling. Just saying.

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Row + letter then message. “Hello Bob which one is this and what condition” etc etc.

Yes absolutely horrible to have to do. Anything in the pic is for sale so no need to guess I’ll tell them, provide details and pics.

People like you just love to complain about things.


is it easier to remember them by individual message only? :man_shrugging:


No I simply dont feel like typing everything out and then fielding a million questions anyway. PM’s keep the convos down on the thread anyway.

People cant chime in randomly…cough cough.

Bump. All reasonable offers excepted!