congratulations yophosis!

outstanding performance at Worlds!

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Thanks! I was disappointed with my fixed tip routine, I’ve got much more to offer there, but I’m pleased with my bearing performance, which I thought was my weak suit ???

Ok, the bare feet - partially in honor of the often bare-footed Jon Gates, who got me into tops years ago, and partially because if I’m stepping on the string it can really screw up a trick. Barefoot I can tell quickly if I’m stepping on the string. I think I will design spin top shoes and call them Turtle Feet; soft on the bottom so you know where you are stepping but hard on top to prevent foot death.

haha I like it!

You were good

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Awesome performance,

Go Turtle feet ;D


Maybe they have already been invented ???

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Yes, congratulations! That was a very good bearing freestyle (and I was judging :wink: ).

You should edit it and post it: I will need good freestyles to link to when I get to redo iSpinTop. By the way, the year I won worlds I only posted my fixed tip freestyle . . .

Thanks ta0! It is very hard to be fully prepared for two freestyles less than 15 minutes apart - as you well know :smiley:

The only video of it I know is the live feed - I don’t know how to download it?

The stored live feed of the top freestyles is a 215MB flash movie. On Firefox I have the “Download Youtube Videos + 3.3.51” plugin menu bar and has no trouble finding it.

For my 09 worlds freestyle video I combined 3 camera views, including the live feed. I believe I saw Omar setting a camera in a small tripod (may have been somebody else). Actually, I had my camera recording from the judges table, but it was pointed using and open book as a wedge (I need to get a mini tripod) and it moved around, so it was not good and I deleted it.

Thanks ta0!