Chris Neff rocks Cleveland!


I took a break at work today and had the good fortune to catch Chris Neff at Worlds.
Great freestyle! Looking good dude, even barefoot with a piece of rope for a belt, you knocked it out of the park!
Good luck, I’m anxious to see the results, everyone did a great job.


Okay people, when the spin top forum moderator wins World’s, you’re supposed to lavish him with praise.
Let’s hear a little chatter out there folks!


Chris Neff is the man. Has been for years.


Congratulations Chris!


Congrats Chris!!!

2nd title?!

(Rock Shouse) #6

Totally awesome…that was a great performance man! Congratulations!


Thanks y’allz!

'twas a BLAST


My freestyle is up!


Thanks for posting the vid, Chris. Awesome job! Congrats!


Finally got to see the video! Great job!