Neff pool ball top can be yours


Neff just made this great pool ball top:

First pool ball top or bearing tip top Chris makes.

Do you want it? That top, together with a 5" Watts deluxe top, is the prize for a raffle we are organizing to sponsor a spintop tour of Europe by Chris. More info here:


Chris thats awesome!


Thanks! It was fun to make. Pretty heavy, my hollowing tools yet when I made that so the walls were still pretty thick in places. I’ve got more poolballs, just need the time :slight_smile:


So did you choose it for the color or the number? :smiley:


For the color, it’s a really, really bright orange. Got it out of a box of random pool balls at an antique store, no 8-balls left of course. I now have a full set to mess with though… ;D