How I Throw Tops

Not really a yo-yo video, but it’s a spinning toy just the same.  I love throwing tops, but I haven’t done so in years because I didn’t own or have access to a top worth throwing.  Then I got this Cuper 360 from Chris Neff and I have been having a blast!  So I hope you enjoy my video, I had fun making it.  It was shot on my 5D Mk II and edited with Premiere CS4.  Music used in the video is by Not Like This ( and is used with permission.

Thoughts and comments are welcome.

that was awesome dude, I’ve got to get me a top!!

You crack me up superman! “THUD”

Thanks Casey :smiley:

Thud… Thud… Thud, thud thud… Thud.

i want a top


Cool. Spin tops look awesome.

Throwing tops is a lot of fun! It doesn’t look like yoyoexpert carries any tops which is kind of a bummer. The Duncan ripcord is a decent beginner top, but it’s very light. The top I’m throwing in the video I purchased from Chris Neff, I think he still has some if people are looking to buy.

Two days ago I was attempting (once again) to play with a top I got a couple years ago… I nearly flung it into my TV. I haven’t had much success with it yet… lol

yeah… spin tops are awesome, but i never go tteh hang of them.

They are not easy, the learning curve of the boomerang is pretty steep, but it gets easier and a lot more fun after you get that down.

But sometimes the top goes flinging into your TV… try not to let that happen :wink:

Thats what I hated about the old duncan bearing kings.
For some reason they would always snag and fly backward and crash through the window causing shattered glass to hit the driving cars down below so the driver swerved to avoid it and it would crash head on into another car coming the opposite direction which would cause it to swerve and hit a parked car that hit a mail box knocking it over…It wasn’t fun.

Awesome vid Josh, any pics of this Chris Neff top btw?




WOW! very cool

Where I can buy top like your’s one?

You’ll have to talk to Chris Neff. I don’t want to violate any forum rules and link to someplace else. But if you send him a message on facebook I’m sure he can help you out.