So I just started spin tops

I received a YYF short circuit with an order. I had never really tried using one but I also recently saw the Kuma video with Takeshi using a top. (Google that, it’s well worth it) I had no idea how much fun these things are! I then bought a couple more YYFs, a Duncan bearing king and a couple Quicksilvers. I recommend to anyone that likes yoyo give these things a try. You can start out really inexpensive with either of the YYF tops or the bearing king. Landing the boomerang back in your palm is like hitting that first trapeze. Very satisfying.


I picked up a couple of Duncan Imperial spintops and learned the basic ground tricks and a really iffy boomerang, but I’ve been throwing a Short Circuit and an Elec-Trick with some occasional tip switching via the upgrade kit and I must say that the SC with a bearing tip is probably my favorite combo even though it doesn’t have the length of spin or weight of the ET with the metal bearing tip. I’m not crazy about the ET with the fixed metal tip so I’m just saving that for when I can access a 3d printer and try out a 3.5" diameter design that uses it.

EDIT: Wasn’t thinking about this being an old thread, so I’m curious if you can do the trapeze throw with a top now because honestly that was the biggest thing for me to land after getting the boomerang down.


It’s really fun to learn something new that is in-family with something you’re already familiar with. With a fair amount of practice you can get pretty competent with some really doable, impressive looking spin top tricks. Boomerang feels amazing, doesn’t it?

Congrats on your discovery!


Honestly I haven’t tried that yet. Still working on wire walker and cable car.

It really does. I can do corkscrew and that seems to get really good responses.

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Yeah I haven’t focused much on wirewalker style tricks since I’ve mostly been throwing a bearing tip top, but now that I’m more focused on fixed tip I’m trying to learn them but it’s nice to be able to throw a little trapeze now and again because that is almost easier on fixed tip. I only really learned how to throw and occasionally land a boomerang before getting the Elec-Trick and honestly that thing really ramped me up quickly so thank you bearing tops.

Also congrats on the corkscrew, I cannot for the life of me get the timing down on that one.

I found that when you start to point your hand that is holding the top upward making sure the top was angling itself upward as well helped when I begin the corkscrew down the string. If that makes sense lol

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Thanks for the tip! I tried what you said and I didn’t even realize that I was so wrapped up in getting the string ready that I wasn’t really paying attention to the exact direction of the top when I dropped it. I managed to get the top to twirl around my arm and I’m sure the catch at the end is going to be a little tricky to get down but I see how it can be done.

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Yeah… It has been on my list for far too long to get some good tutorial videos going. I will make it happen! :blush:


Trompos Cometa,Trompos Space, and Energia all have pretty good tutorial videos and if you are going to make your own I would definitely reference the style of those because the multiple angles, pov, and slow motion help a ton.

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Hell yeah I just managed to learn Subway. Now I just gotta get that lasso down and I can build up combos.