5" Eric Wolff Spin Top up for grabs!!!

Hi folks, Chris Neff here. 
If you’re interested in a chance to win this 5 1/2" diameter spin top by Eric Wolff…

Then check out the raffle details here:


In a nutshell, 100 tickets will be sold, they are $10 each, and the drawing is April 16.
Proceeds from the raffle will help fund a European spin top tour by yours truly :smiley:
It’s not easy to get your hands on a Wolff, now’s your chance!

This is a beautiful top!!! What’s it made of, delrin?

It’s made of Color Ply, like colorwood, a dyed plywood product. It has an acrylic collar near the tip where you can see the Bones Swiss bearing.

That is pretty amazing. I need to start posting over there on Ta0. I read it a lot, but never feel like I have anything to contribute.

I know the feeling :smiley:

Post away! Post like the wind! No topic too small!

Yes, post, don’t be shy!
A question is a contribution! We love beginners! A healthy board has a mix of every level of expertise.

At the time I am writing this there are only 22 tickets left for Wolff’s big top. There are no better hand crafted playing tops anywhere in the universe.