List of tops

Behold! A list of “recent history to present” spin tops grouped by manufacturer:
Note: tops that are the same mold are listed together and separated by a “/”.
This is not a collector’s list, it is more of a player’s list.

Rip Cord / Bearing King (interchangeable fixed and bearing polycarb tips)

Sidewinder (plastic tip fixed) / Gladiator (metal tip fixed) / Blizzard (metal tip bearing)
Hollow Point (hollow aluminum (the first?) with no cap. Sidewinder fits inside for double-top play)
Trompo Bearing (Large-ish plastic two-piece top with metal bearing tip)
Trompo Grande (fixed tip, same size as Trompo Bearing, but no recess for inner bearing)
QuickSilver (Same size as the two above but in aluminum)
QuickSilver Hybrid (aluminum body without groves and a plastic cap)

Monarch (Two-piece glued together plastic w/ plastic tip)
Toss-N-Spin wood top

Watts Tops
Generally 4" to 8" diameter solid wood tops with fixed steel tips.

Solid wood top with plastic tip, different paint jobs, all the same shape.

Yo Yo Jam
(YYJ tops are generally plastic with brass weight rings and interchangeable fixed and bearing plastic tips)
Top Dog
Jon Gates
Bulldog (similar to Gates, but without brass weight ring)
Double Tip Bulldog

Yo Yo Factory
Acrobat (high aspect ratio aluminum top with interchangeable bearing and fixed Delrin tips)
Throwback (low aspect ratio aluminum top with interchangeable bearing and fixed Delrin tips)
Elec-Trick (high aspect ratio plastic economical top with led option)
Short Circuit (low aspect ratio economical plastic top)

(S8 tops are convertible from bearing to fixed by adding a washer to lock the shaft. There is also a one-way bearing assembly that could also be played plain bearing or fixed. Tips are hardened steel)
STB i[/i]
Giulia i[/i]
Enzo (red Giulia)
Side Effect (black Delrin Giulia)
Titi (Half aluminum, half Delrin)
Sophia (Titi with Teflon ring on the aluminum part)
STB 2.0 (a little taller than the original)
Love (tiny but fully functional S8 top)

Trompos-Space (Spanish Brand)
Saturno Jr. (plastic tip fixed)
Saturno (metal tip fixed)
Saturno Roller (metal tip bearing)
Silver Bullet (aluminum with fixed metal tip, similar to Spintastics Hollow Point)
Jupiter (highly featured plastic spin top with bearing or fixed capabilities)
Mercurio (stainless steel version of the Jupiter)

Cuper 360 (Small-ish hollow aluminum with aluminum screw-on cap with fixed steel tip)

Mexican Brands
(there are many, many types of Mexican spin tops (trompos), but generally speaking they are a souped-up Duncan Imperial with a metal tip)
Cinco Estrellas
Super Trompo

[tr][td]MODEL[/td][td]DIAMETER [/td][td]HEIGHT[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Cuper 360[/td][td]1.91[/td][td]2.66[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Spintastics Blizzard / Sidewinder[/td][td]2.02[/td][td]2.89[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Duncan Imperial[/td][td]2.16[/td][td]2.95[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]YYJ Gates[/td][td]2.23[/td][td]2.81[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Duncan Bearing King / Rip Cord[/td][td]2.27[/td][td]3.06[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]S8 STB 2.0[/td][td]2.32[/td][td]2.86[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]S8 Giulia[/td][td]2.50[/td][td]3.27[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Spintastics Trompo Grande / Bearing [/td][td]2.50[/td][td]3.70[/td][/tr]

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Perfect! Now I just need to go down to Dallas and get Dale to give me a Trompo bearing.


Excellent, Chris! I’m mentally going through my top drawer, and I can only think of one that’s not on your list. IMHO it’s common enough to be listed. I’ve seen it with lots of different names/packaging (Bass Pro Shop, etc.) but I think of it as the Channel Craft top. Maple, plastic tip, about the size of a Sidewinder, with 3 grooves around it?

Have Fun,

I forgot BC tops too.
I think the Channel Crafter wood top is the same as the original Toy Crafter wood top, so I just added it there.

If anyone is interested BC Tops are still available via the UK at:

What is a good cheap one?

The Bearing King is excellent at its price.
Don’t forget to check the seating of the Bearing and to tape it.

added one or two tops :smiley:

Love is finished. Update the Strummol8 section.

And while you are updating you should also include the newer and newest models by


And by the way, Trompo Space tops are now available for sale in the US at


Time to add the new YYF tops!

It’s sad that most of these tops are no longer for sale…

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