New to all this

Hello Guy Bratt from SE Michigan

I’m a wood turner in a club that has been turning finger spintops for a local event. While looking at various tops online I’ve come acrossed some unique tops. What really caught my eye was a video of a middle age man with a small beard. Eric Wolff I believe. He was out side in a neighborhood I could see a couple of teens in the back ground with a top I think. Eric was on the grass with a huge top that had flames painted on. I remember it in slow motion. He worked the top with it’s cord doing tricks.

I moved on from the video and now I can't find it again.  Would anyone have a link to it.  I've spent a couple of hours looking. 

I’ve seen the Chineese tops they can barely lift. I’ve seen Eric/Alan Gray with that brown top.
I saw Eric Wolff at an indoor show spinning a large top. In that video I think I see the one with flames on the floor behind him. I just can’t find him spinning it outdoors.

If someone can help, thanks. Guy

I’ve seen that video… lemme do some searchin’

John M over at found it for you:

Where do you live in MI

We have a yoyo club in Downtown Plymouth, in MI of course, you should join us some time!

Hi thanks thats the video I was looking for.

I live outside of Richmond about 20 miles South of Port Huron. Plymouth is quite a ride for me plus I have some other issues/ responsibilities I constantly need to address. Thank you very much for the invitation. Maybe some day I can get there.

this is christopher, who is this?