Spinning Tops as Entertainment

My name is Jeffrey Jene. I picked up a Duncan Imperial top several years ago and never played with it. A few weeks ago I found it in a drawer and started working with it. I’ve really been “bit by the bug”, so to speak. I purchased a few more tops of different types. My favorites are the Jumbo Cobras (cheap but quite usable) and my Spintastics Trompos Grande and Bearing tops. I’m waiting on a Sidewinder and a cool looking wooden top that I hope works well. So far I can boomerang and balance the top on my hand a good percentage of the time (I pick up on things fast), and I’m ready to start exploring other tricks.

I’ve been a professional magician for almost 30 years. Many years ago I had the privilege of performing alongside a yo-yo and spin top expert named Mark Hayward at a Summer festival in Milwaukee. Not only was Mark skilled at what he did, but was quite entertaining, presenting his feats and tricks with well thought out patter and humor. It was not just a demonstration of a hodgepodge of stunts (not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just a different thing). His act was just that – an ACT that had a beginning, a middle, and an ending. I’m hoping to bring spin tops into my street and Renaissance shows with the same goal in mind. I’d love to hear the experiences of other such performers.

I’m really enjoying this new hobby!


Spin tops are a blast! Mark Hayward is a bit of a legend in the spin top community. :slight_smile:


Looking forward to seeing a video with spin tops incorporated in the show :grin:. Figure 8 and corkscrew are probably next on your list. Good luck!

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Tops are kind of magical. Hayward is awesome, the Duncan crew has (had?) mad skills, How to be a Player got me interested in learning to throw spin tops.
If you like fixed tip tricks grab a couple YYF Short Circuit tops, they are a little on the small side, but very stable and heftier than that Imperial, great for inside play.


Welcome to the fold!

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You just made me cry… I have no more any flooring to play inside :cry: