Ultimate spin top challenge

Okay, I’m not a slave to fashion, I wear a denim work shirt and jeans like 90% of the time… but I can only wonder if anyone could find a more amazing spin top
outfit than this. I know some of the Duncan demonstrators looked pretty silly in the 70’s, but this takes the cake.
This vid is awesome, btw, to see different spin top tricks.


Taka is amazing!!!


Nope. This is as good as it gets. Also helps make these relatively simple tricks look good.

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Taka showed me how to throw a Koma top at Worlds, his skills are amazing. His contest performance was great, plus he is like the nicest guy ever. Everything he had a hand in was twice as fun as you could imagine it could be.

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Yep. I dream of acutally meeting with him. I own 2 koma and 2 chonkake due to him :slight_smile: I plan to try to make chonkake a bit more popular in the west ( I want to have a chat with Andre about him having some in the spintop section & maybe doing some tutorials )… They are very fun!!! A must try toy, they taka says it’s a mix between a top, a diabolo & a yoyo I understood this this weekedn when I pulled a double or nothing on it… ( yeah… I’ll make a video soon. this makes no sence to me but it’s hell of a lot of fun ) !!!

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