Show your top video!

Hey y’alls,

I thought it would be fun to have a thread for “showing off” top videos!!! To start this out, here is a video of me applying to the 16 trick spintastic badge !!!

I’ll post more later one ( I have the footage filmed for the 24 trick one this morning, will edit this down tonight most likely :slight_smile: )


Here my application to the spintastic 24 tricks badge
They are 8 ( and more ) very hard tricks for spintops :slight_smile:

Keep at it till the end. I even do a yoyo trapeze with my top :slight_smile:

ps: We need to get anyone that want to try tops. they are amazing!!


Mad skills! Just picked up my first top and have a new respect for top players. Well done!


Thanks, and thanks on picking up a top!!! Keep at it!! :slight_smile: If you need any help!!! I’ll probalby start making more tutorial as the one on big tops was well received!

My next video will be about beginner tricks. One that are doable by real human being :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I just posted this in the Best Trick Today thread!

Hopefully it’s OK to put it here too.


Fine by me!! Good job sir!!! I still can’t do reversible corkscrew!!!

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Nice begginer tricks!!
Hope you enjoy!!!


Just holding a spot here with this fun vid, until someone posts another home spun viddy. Tons of good Koma tricks in here.

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Niccceee good addition to the topic!!! This week might bring a standard top throw tutorial!!!

Old viddy worth bringing back to the front…

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The one top looks like a wooden ball with a nail sticking out of it. And he was using it to regen! Crazy stuff.

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The Koma quick start around the 2 min mark is really cool.

I wasn’t sure what was happening there. Did he just use a much shorter wind?

Nice vid!!! I need to shoot one with my new chonkake!!!

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linked from Taka’s youtube, because Taka is the man.
btw, if you learn this, please teach me!!

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I’ll certainly try it… Im worried tho that I need that chonkake koma… And the string look like more of a band than a string…

So I gave a serous try to this with my wooden chonkake without success this morning… I was worried on the flooring tho, will retry tomorrow or once tis sunny outside… I’ll probably make a chonkake video soon!! Just waiting for some time and the right weather!!!

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Some chonkake action!!!