New Spin Top video with Takeshi Kamisato by Kuma Films!

This is a few weeks old - but I wanted to make sure people who didn’t get to see it got a chance to see it! Spin Tops are by far my 2nd favorite hobby (Kendama is close following but skill in spin tops far exceeds Kendama thus far. :laughing:)

Anyways - if you haven’t had a chance to see watch this one yet - its awesome. @Takeshi simply makes it look effortless and the slow motion is on point. (Does it ever get old watching slow motion video of spinning skill toys meeting water?! :blush:)


He actually filmed another video with them awhile back too which is also great. :heart: @Takeshi

He is throwing Bearing King (and we have the last of what Duncan had before they ran out - still hoping they make another run… :crossed_fingers:)