I think I'm okay enough to start linking videos here.

(DOGS) #1

(I was so frustrated with getting this on camera. I was working on it for like 15 minutes. Hehe!)

How am I doing so far?



That’s awesome!


ahahah the second vid u were like heck ya i just did that. what of it? hahaha


Very good. Being able to tilt the top upside down and back again at your command is a huge step. “Circuito” (spanish) aka “Racetrack” is a great trick. Do it without moving your hands to master the trick. What’s next?

(M.DeV1) #5

Pat I’ve never seen your face before…neat.

(DOGS) #6

I still have to move my hands about a tiny bit, so the top doesn’t just slam into my finger, right? Or will the momentum of the top coming around pretty much take care of that? I try it and it usually just falls off.


Those videos look so cool…nice job Patrick. :slight_smile:

(M²) #8

I don’t know anything about spin tops, but it looked good to me.


My hands move a little when I do it too, but I’ve seen others that do it real fast and their hands don’t move at all. Looks cool like that. What else you working on?

(DOGS) #10

Mostly sideways stuff. Braintwisters, around the worlds, whip catches, barrel rolls.


You learning from the Spintastics videos?

(DOGS) #12

I’m learning from watching youtube videos, mostly. Is there a good tutorial series?


Not yet…


Wow that’s amazing one question can you get a spintop back up just curious…


Do you mean rewind? Most spin tops do not rewind, unless it is a yo yo-spin top hybrid, like this one: