First Misplaced - Spintop video.

Figured I’d finally make a full spintop video after all this time. It’s slightly overedited, but I’m pretty sure it works. This was experimentation for both editing and shooting tops, so I had fun with it.

I hope you guys like it.

i kind of agree on the over-editing aspect but nice job overall.


Nawww, the editing did not get in my way, seriously! You have some great moves in there and you look comfortable with the object and your skills - excellent job.

I usually get bored when players start popping the top around in their hands, but you have some new elements I have not seen before and you mixed it up very well.

I have never seen that rollercoaster/wirewalker move you did at 1:54 before either. Quite smooth, sir quite smooth.

I have one tip - on barrel rolls, it is easier to hop under with the hand the top is pointing toward, in other words the hand that is hopping is on the opposite side of the string that the top is on. You did not seem to have any problem with the trick though, so whatevs :slight_smile:

Moar please.

As a player that I really really admire, your comments and suggestions mean a whole lot to me! I didn’t expect to be coming up with anything really original, at any stage, nevermind this soon. That wire walker move needs a bit more refinement to be a smooth repeater, mostly getting it back to my right hand, but I’m working on it!

Also, I’m going to try the barrel rolls like you suggested tomorrow and see how it goes!

Tons of thanks; I’ll be sure to keep it up!

Nice video!

I also thought that the look of the trick starting at 1:54 was new.

I did not catch the reverse direction on the barrel rolls when I watched it the first time. But Neff is right, going the other way should be easier. In addition, it will let you regenerate in the future (with a fixed tip top).

Good video, thanks for sharing!


Good job, Patrick! The tricks were great and the editing made it even more epic! Keep it up!