Infrequently (Please watch?)

Sweet. I liked that whip into GT, pretty serious skills right there. Also, THE SUN AT THE END!! :o :o lol

It was worth the wait ;D

Haha, thanks guys, another one of the reasons I didn’t make a video in such a long time was because I broke my nose and I wasn’t feeling up to it. :-\ Sorry about that!

SO GOOD Matthew. :slight_smile: More than anything, I loved the variety of tricks. No one-trick pony here! Right from that first combo with the catch through the “totally vertical up and down with amplitude” things to the behind the back stuff… all good.

Looks like you had fun puttering around in the editor, too. :wink:

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Thanks GregP! It means a ton!





Loved the music choice, Bastille are one of my favourite bands. :slight_smile:

Great video! Some original moves and good tech. I look forward to your next one. :smiley:

I really enjoy seeing what people are doing. I really enjoyed it and got some ideas too! It just needed something more. Yep, Monkey Up a String! Come on people MONKEY UP A STRING! sigh Maybe next time Shadowz? ::slight_smile: (Nice job, looking forward to seeing more.)


Thanks guys! :smiley: