Back in the Daze

Some new tricks with the MagicYoyo D5. My 3yr old self makes a cameo btw.

Hope you all enjoy. Comments/Criticisms/ Thoughts are welcome.

Bump. Tips and comments welcome.

Embedded for the lazy:

Nicely done! Even with a slower “chill” style, you want smooth execution. Strings that are not meant to be “slack” strings should be kept taut as much as possible for that smooth look.

Fun music choice. :wink:

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I really enjoyed the music choice and the video was awesome. The only part that was a little off was when you were shooting with the sun directly aiming into the camera it throw the exposure off and you were hard to see. Otherwise great work!

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your tricks are almost as nice as your hair! lol, seriously though nice vid. My one tip would be to start moving into a little bit longer tricks or putting tricks together into one combo. keep it up man :slight_smile:

Y’know, I rewatched and… I’m full of it. It was very smooth except for one dismount. I’ll have to admit to being wrong on that initial “review”. The final impression of that one sort of vibratey loose string had me paint the sum of the tricks that way, and it just ain’t so. Mostly smooth!

Haha you stole my trick! The GT buddhas revenge… Haha I never patented it. (Im sure it was already a trick before I “made” it)

Oh and I thought the video was great! I love that flip theow that you do.

What’s a flip theow? Also sorry for not intentionally jacking your trick. I didn’t know it was yours. I didnt know it already existed.

Haha no it’s fine. And as for the flip throw, i mean how on every throw you start with your hand up and do a flippy motion… I might just be seeing things or something… Maybe everyone does it? Haha. I just think that your throw looks cool.

That GT thing was the first “trick” I ever made. I was so excited when I first discovered it… But now i see how nothing it is compared to all the awesome things ive discovered since… Hahaha.

A lot of people tell me my throw is different. Glad you dig it too.

Dat hair+yoyoing= great video.

Gotta agree with you there. :wink:

Last and final bump. Any last suggestions?

Work on string visibility.

Also, epic hair :smiley:

Will do.

And thanks.

Yes, stop procrastinating and do another video :stuck_out_tongue: again great progress from your first video, I see your talents building and I look forward to seeing your next video 8)