Yoyo Video

Check it out yall


That was awesome. Good job!!!


Awesome video. I was really into the elements leading up to the tower around 0:25. There was also a really nice slick looking slack element around 0:58 that I really like. And the whip elements at 1:58 on were all great too. And the horizontal at the end was impressive. Overall very smooth. My only constructive criticism is the tricks in this video, for the most part, overall had the same type of circular motion elements/string hits setting up for the cool slack and whips . Which isnt a bad thing but I would have IMHO liked to see more verticle hops or popping elements to kinda break it up just a little.

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I just watched that again. I’m just a beginner intermediate and can’t make heads or tails of most of that because I just learned my times tables and you’re throwing calculus but what gets me is the great binds you do at the end of the cycles. To ME, the binds are so quick and clean it looks like you’re playing a responsive. Great job!

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Glad you like the video! And your criticism is valid in all honesty. I do tend to restrict myself to certain movements because they’re comfortable and have flow, but I should probably try to branch out more. Thanks for your thoughts!

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Very nice!

I really like that front style trick. I was like a front style version of the first half of Black Hops! I’d like to see it again viewed head on.

The horizontal at the end was ridiculous!