Recommended spin top site leads to an error


I was thinking of getting one later to mess around.
If I could learn a couple of tricks, it might be fun.  is broken.

Where is a 1 stop place to learn? I see how to be a player is uploaded…

Any series of tutorials to progress through, beginner to intermediate? I doubt I’ll ever go further,



(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #3

Patience, it’s a holiday weekend. :wink:


Here you go!


Site could use more on the throw, but that’s available elsewhere.


spin top is easier for an audience to appreciate than some forms of yo-yo tricks.
Slower, larger movements. Check out 1:15 below… Also 2:03 with yo-yo!


There just are not any good intro beginner spin top tutorials out there. I, like others, have intended to make intro tutorials for years, but have not been able to make the time. I hope that changes soon.