Non-Return Tops.. Returns

Spin tops are so much fun. I sent one to my brother a couple weeks ago for his birthday. I got it back in the mail yesterday…
If i was richer and smarter and better looking i would make some tutorials…
or at least a video of random people throwing spin tops for the first time, that would be funny.
It’s too bad tops are a little too complicated or frustrating for a lot of folks because i think they would be more popular if people could get over the initial learning curve, which is usually a little violent and destructive.


Spin tops are so cool. But yeah…that learning curve tho. I’m so bad at it.

On my long list of “to-do’s” to get better though.


So, hypothetically, if I were to do one (new) spin top tutorial, maybe others tutorials would start flowing out of me. What topic should this first tutorial cover?


I don’t know what it would be, but I know who it would be for. It seems to me most folks stop before they get a start. The average tutorial is aimed at someone who can already walk, or crawl anyways.
It would be cool to show an absolute first time top throwing experience, with emphasis on winding and throwing to the ground. You would know better than I the various pitfalls that it seems like almost everyone experiences. If I knew how to do it i would make my own tutorial. With blackjack…and hookers.

Now, let us know when we can start suggesting second and third tuts, because i have a back log…

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Great idea, Neff. If you did this, I’d suggest - as kevinm noted - starting with winding and throwing to the ground. Then I’d be inclined to move straight to boomerang - landing my first boomerang was what got me hooked!