New to spin tops

I’ve been throwing yoyos for about a year, and wanted to get into spintops. I bought a spintastics trompo grande, and I would love to get some tips and tricks from some experienced players. I am still getting the hang of throwing it, so any tips on throwing the spintop would be extremely appreciated. Thanks

Ask Chris Neff.

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Welcome! I just started a few months ago. Read the first thread here on Getting Started with Tops, I found
it very helpful. Look at as many videos as you can, the spintastics website has some good videos and the trompos cometa has a lot of them with slowmotion, and of course youtube. Then go and throw it a thousand times. Once you get it spinning in your hand and doing boomerang, you’ll be hooked.
Enjoy!! ;D

It is hard to briefly summarize what you will need to know as you learn. Ask questions when you have a specific problem and we can help you through it :slight_smile:

I can do easy tricks and boomerang also variations of it with those cheap mexican spintops.

my biggest question is, how do I balance the top. I am able to throw a top and catch it in my hand, but it always spins off my hand. Do you have any suggestions?

Neff has a lot of useful videos that might be worth checking out. Good luck!

try rotating your hand in a circular pattern to get the spin top back into an upright state. also look up duncans how to be a player volume 2

Ultimately new players will want to rotate the hand in a circular motion as you indicate, this the most effective way, and it sounds like you know what you are doing. I just want to explain that in the video I teach the straight line way at first to explain when to pull in what direction. If the timing of your rotation is off it will only make things worse.