Congrats dryoyo!

Yes - this is true - wasn’t quite ready to officially announce but I guess Samad didn’t realize that… :wink:
It is all good. I am personally on vacation this week so I will give him an official welcome next week. :slight_smile:

For being our first moderator!..I think

I’m pretty sure he is! Congrats to you, Chris, you are a great moderator in general, and I am sure you will be great here =D

Also, thank you for YoYoSkills!

yoyos :stuck_out_tongue:

Who said he was?


Either he’s not, or andré hasn’t changed his position in his account:;u=208

I really think he is, but I’m not really sure of course. I just think he deserves it.

Anyway, if you are, congrats.


Ok, congrats dryoyo!

Yup, Andre told me earlier today.

Congrats Dr.YoYo.

I think this was the best choice!


Thanks, I was waiting for Andre to make the announcement…
WAY TO GO SAMAD :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Keep in mind guys, this is not a Award, it is not a Status symbol, it is a job.
It also saves Andre all the time it takes to read the moderator emails I send him when I report posts.

Happy to lend a hand.


So…so now you’re only going to have one hand? :cry:

Just kidding, congrats again! :slight_smile:

Haha, I can’t think of ANYONE better!

HUGE congratulations Dr. Yoyo!

So, which forum section are you gonna look after the most?

Congrats man. You should also be an eXpert while André’s at it.

Wait, how can Dryoyo be a moderator? If the members get Forum of the month twice, He/she will be a moderator, is that right?

Happy Throwing! =]

Yeah, but André just went ahead and made him a mod.

Congratulations, Doc. I knew some day you’ll be a mod! Or maybe not…but anyways congrats. ;D

congrats dr yoyo!!! You deserve being our first moderator

Hey how do you talk to andre by internet,

does he have one of these accounts or is it one of those email things?

reply please


Good job at making it at moderator, Doc!

But only one question:

When Andre picks a member for a moderator, doesn’t the moder get to be a mod in the section of their choice?

Meaning, if he chooses General Yo-Yo Forum, doesn’t that mean he only is a mod in there?

I am willing to be a floating mod.
I do find it funny that there are so many people questing Andre’s authority.
Here is the deal… ITS ANDRE’S FORUM.
I don’t know if I am going to be a “Expert” or not, I only know that Andre asked me to be a Moderator, so thats what I am going to do. This is his house, his rules, and quite frankly, he can break his own darn rules if he sees a need to.
That being said, I am coming on board to lighten Andre’s load. He is the sole person here with Admin rights, and quite frankly the crowd here has grown beyond the capabilities of just one Mod. I am MORE than happy to help with moderation, and will do my absolute best to deliver on the expectations of me. All you guys pretty much know my drive, I want to spread yoyoing, and make the community stronger and better. That is why I run my blog, that is why I am willing to Mod, and that is why I do my best to treat my fellow yoyoers with respect until they have shown my the don’t deselve it (notice the order there).
I encourage you all to do the same.