CLYW V.S. Bi-metal!

Just wondering what is your opinion? :o

i like CLYW

Gotta go with what other has been doing

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Or wait for one of the CLYW bi-metals. :wink:


Ummm, what CLYW V.S. what Bi-metal???



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^Also this.

It’s all going to come down to individual preference and individual yoyo.


I feel like im one of the only people who is just kindda “meh” with bi metals.

they seem heavy on the string to me and have a “thud” feel to me. Tried the pulsefire (my favorite out of the three) weekend, and nightmare.

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Titanium FTW

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Pulsefire doesn’t thud… maybe your friend had a dead string or response on theirs?

But definitely they all tend to (and SHOULD) use the SS for rim weight. Rim-weighted yoyos don’t feel as lively usually. To bring back a bit of life, it needs to stay lightweight, IMO. Otherwise it’s going to be powerful and stable, but yes, kinda thuddy.

To me, Pulsefire is light enough to return life. Definitely the YYO Rave is. IMO the Draupnir does, too, but some people find its stability rather than its thuddiness (of which there is none) to be what takes away some of the life. I disagree (I have my own reasons to not prefer the Draupnir), but it’s all opinion.

Suffice it to say, there are thuddy, lumbering, bricks in the mono-metal world. There are going to be some in the bi-metal world. To say “bi-metals are thuddy” is too broad; it would be like claiming that all mono-metals are “floaty” (which we can all agree is not a true statement).

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pulsefire was mine, had it for a month or two. I wasn’t trying to generalize all bi metals, just my take on what I had tried with the pulsefire being the best of the three for me. guess I should have clarified more

but they all had that feel to me when they would hit the end of the string on a throw or really felt it on regens. my middle finger would start turning blue as the knot would get snugged up soooooo tight!

agreed on the mono metal throws too, I guess I just felt that thuddy feeling across all three (bi metals) I threw. and its been less consistent with the monos Ive used.

only other bi metal that id like to try and get my hands on is the knight

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A poll asking if people prefer one yoyo brand vs specific type/design of yoyo? ???


The Knight is awesome. It has that rim-weighted feel, too, but it’s extra-light. If your preferred brand of string has any bounce to it at all, it’s ridiculously lively (owing partly to the string). With a stretched/non-bouncy string, though, it’s still not a finger-killer. :smiley:

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This is an interesting question, but I’d have to change it a bit to give you an answer. Is there a bi-metal yo-yo that I prefer playing over all my CLYW yo-yos right now? Hmmm…

Yes. Nightmare, and that says a lot. :o

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just in general

I have to admit, this pole was kind of stupid, I was bored…

My take on the bimetals - the ones that have the most character in my collection are my Rave, Nighmare, and 2sick Knight. Superstar, Karma, Pulsefire kind of hang out in the middle, though the Karma is still pretty lively. Then you get the Space Cowboy which is a fun throw, but is definitely a tank on the string and all about rim weight.

The Diamondback and H3X have a unique feel to them, not sure how to describe it.

Yup that’s my bimetal collection.

I also own several CLYWs and I jump between both my bimetals and CLYWs regularly.

premium splash blizzard and igloo>the world

You’re comparing a brand to a type of yoyo. How can you do that? Even in general it makes no sense. CLWY has produced dozens of yoyos, and there are quite a few bi-metals.

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