New CLYW Yo-Yos (inc. Bimetal)

So, I just stumbled across this info on their and I think it’s a fairly big deal.

So, it looks like not only is Zach’s new plastic on schedule to relieve the Yeti of its crown, but CLYW have now jumped into the bi-metal game as well. From the picture we can see that they’ve gone with the outside/on the rim weight rings rather than an inside-ring design. Can’t wait to see more.

Interesting developments indeed. :slight_smile:

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Interesting information. Surprised the bi-metal will be made in China. It’s a very busy time for the company when you include those future budget models they’re exploring. It feels like the Borealis is going to be a big hit.

I’m disappointed they’re going to manufacture outside of canada/us. China has their bimetals, Japan has their bimetals, we need some homegrown bimetals. I know yyj has bimetals too.

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He sayss that it will keep cost low…i am looking forward toit

I know it will keep cost down and that will appeal to alot/if not most people.

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I am to believe that Onedrop have 2 of them currently in the works. :slight_smile:


keeping cost down probably means keeping in to clyw prices.

But none the less, I am excited. Specially for the borealis.

Thats a lot of new throws coming out.

That would be awesome. One drop has some good cnc lathe work.

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the new bimetal they’re working on out performs the borealis. Guess we will see in time.

wel, crp

yeah. Missed that one. That kinda sucks.

Im glad that clyw is outsourcing it’s yoyos to china…i dont mind the limited colourways if i can buy them all!!!

Absolutely seismic. The implications may extend well beyond CLYW’s business.

There won’t be the same colorways on china made ones, sorry. Got this info from their


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Thanks for the continued interest and support.

As I’ve said before, we intend to use China manufacturing very, very sparingly. It’s simply another option, and one that we only intend to use when it’s legitimately the best option for both price AND quality. We will continue making the overwhelming majority of our line right here in the US with One Drop because they quality is great and we enjoy working with them.


good! And keep it that way!

People acting like China doesn’t have their stuff together. Have you guys thrown a Chinese yoyo lately? They’re actually the leader in cost:value IMO, the April and Silencer from MYY are two of my favorite throws, and I got them both for around $20 each. I still LOVE domestically produced yoyos, and I’m sure Japanese throws are nice if I can ever afford them.
I’m just saying, some people still think crap when they think of specialized production. I agree a lot of things they push out on massive scales are junk, but stuff like our niche hobby equipment gets a lot more attention than some think, and there are even people passionate about throwing in China, as I’m sure some forget, I know I’m certainly surprised when throwers from far away countries and the like are announced during Worlds, as it is easy to only pay attention to our own small slice of the community.

Super excited for the new throws, I absolutely have to cop every single one of those. Kinda sad that the bimetal will have limited colorway selection, but I’m sure it will play great.


CLYW…your customers value the quality of your current yoyos. They are already selling out at 150 a pop. You are a premium manufacturer that has built a reputation for yourself. Your reputation will take a hit for this. You are in the premium price bracket. You go China and you lose this. I would suggest calling your China yoyos something else…not even CLYW. Like YYR does with Rebellion.