CLYW Comeback Avalanche VS OG Avalanche


a small comparison
[personal opinion on the “same” yoyo, both are great anyway]

i acquired the new comeback avalanche… made in summer 2012 and widely sold…

the weight changed from 67.2 g to 66 g … and the CAD file is different, and it “somehow” plays “so much better” …the guy up there ^ said so
(of course he wouldn’t say it’s “a little worst than the original but please buy it anyway” cough)
so much better?..or is it?

for starter,
the paint job looks nicer on the comeback rather than the original…i don’t know if it’s just my “clareview station” which is kinda crappy or the whole “old generations” but i see a difference there.

in hand the comeback edition is… smaller…how to explain it? it feels more narrow, and the shape is slightly different to me.

in play, oh boy, the weight difference is there! i don’t know if that’s what Chris meant when he said it was "so much “better” " but the comeback copy is faster…aaaaaand…loses tremendous stability and spin.
this is reflected in horizontals and long combos.
it’s bad alright.
the difference isnt’ major, but it’s there.
it almost feels like a “little brother” avalanche…not the real deal.

so yea, he lost the CAD file, great job the legend is lost, that new comeback edition is NOT worth the original from Kirsztian Kalulza, and IS NOT “so MUCH better”, in fact the small difference makes it that much worst.
we lost some character in the “let’s try to remember how it was” conception phase…

so Yeahh, that CLYW box just has to be crushed, a rip off made by it’s own creators…shame
(worth to mention that to “make up for their fail” CLYW includes a center track bearing instead of the speed bearing they used for the original…)

still, two good yoyos i’m happy to own, but yea, anyone having the “older” (totally not beaten and NOT outdated) version : keep it…it’s better than the “comeback and pay for it” version…lost CAD, lost greatness

pics bellow: Blue: original ver,  Silver: comeback


I have a differing view on the OG vs. CB Avalanche. The Ava has always been one of my favorite CLYW designs so I was apprehensive when Chris announced he had lost the CAD and had to rework it from the ground up. I have owned both and while I no longer have an OG I am loving the play of my Comeback Ava. The reduction in weight and slight changes in feel have improved the play exponentially. In the end I think the Comeback Ava was a great addition to the community because there are now two versions for people to play. If you prefer they end up preferring the OG then the BST is always a click away.


that’s a nice way to see it :wink:


They’re both great. Skills outweigh subtleties in the yoyo world


Original Avalanches still tend to be one of my favorite throws ever. Despite being heavier supposedly(never weighed them), they played far more floaty and fun to me than the Comeback. My one yoyo i regret getting rid of was a beat to heck Ava, no idea why, but oh my it played so so nice, haven’t found any other Ava that replicates that one. Purchased a Comeback based on Chris’s post and it was still a nice throw, but i just love the original. Sadly don’t own any at the moment, but seems originals are going for excellent prices on the B/S/T, i guess with the modern CLYW hype people are forgetting what made them popular in the first place. Will definitely be picking up a MiB OG as soon as i find the right one.


What’s the difference between the Comeback Avalanche and the New Avalanche? Are they the same thing?


What about the recently released Fools Gold avalanche, which acording to chris

“It is the original one. The machine shop machined them a little off from previous runs making them a little lighter. This is all why we no longer use them anymore. Every run was different.”

66g. the only avalanche I have played. Oh so sweet.
Third avalanche?!? :wink:

(winyé) #8

the fools gold is supposed to be a"b grade" throw…i don’t buy b grades so i wouldn’t know.

read the first post, all is written, they are a little different, weight redistribution is totally different, i prefer the feeling of the original better


If you limit yourself to non B-grade throws, too bad for you. You are missing out on some great prices, and in this case, a one-of-a-kind avalanche, that probably plays a bit different than both models. Just wanted to add this unique model to your comparison.

I do hope you get to try one at least once. Old shape, new weight.


Read my post again. I wasn’t asking about the difference between the OG Avalanche and the Comeback Avalanche, I was asking if there’s a difference between the Comeback Avalanche and the “New” Avalanche that’s currently sold on YYE.


I like the spin time and stability of the OG but I like the quickness of the comeback ava. If I had to pick I would probably go with OG…BUT the best playing avalanches that I have ever played were the first fools gold ava’s that chris let out in to the market. FG of the OG avalanche, they played so much better than the OG. It had that great spin time but it was ligher and faster feeling. Wish I would have kept at least one of the 5 or 6 FG ones that I did have over the course of my trading.


I bet if yyr sold rebranded comebacks (would never happen i know) then people cough would then say the comeback is better than OG. Of course it would have to cost upwards of $200 to inject hubris into the buyer.

SY-001 Stealth Ogre
SY-001 Stealth Ogre

oh, sorry, my bad,

the “new” avalanche is the name YYE gave to the comeback avalanche…they just present it differently for their shop, and the word “new” is more appealing than “comeback” or “copy”


although i strongly prefer not spending and saving up for more expensive and “perfect” models ranther than trying to cut on price…

but if it’s a new experience it’s interesting indeed…but heh, i got my full of avalanches atm lol


Now in English…


On thing you have to remember is that the owners of these yo-yo companies are the pickiest people you will ever meet more so than even the craziest of ultra picky throwers in the community. They have to be since it is their livelihood and their reputation on the line with every yo-yo sold under their brand name.

What this means for us is that every B-Grade, Star-Grade, Fools Gold, NQP, Competition Grade, or what ever the company wants to call the version that does not meet their rigorous standards is still a pretty damn good player for the general public. Most of us everyday players will never notice the imperfections in these yo-yos. I have owned many of these “rejects” and have found them to be perfect in play, many playing just as good a their A-Grade counterparts.

One thing to remember is that many times these yo-yos are considered less than perfect for anodizing flaws. So the play is perfect but the look isn’t quite what the company was looking for. In some cases I have liked the ano flaw versions better due to the unique look that it give the yo-yo.

I would say if you have a shot at a B-Grade or what ever they call it, go for it. You will get a stellar yoyo at a great discount.


I just got a FG Cliff, and at my level of play (which I concede isn’t the most advanced) I literally can’t tell the difference between it and my other CLYWs.


Got it. Thanks!


I’ve also owned both, and prefer the OG. But, my personal style is laid back, so the extra spin, and stability of the OG fit me better.


Where is YYR mentioned in this CLYW review thread that you had to bring it up? Hubris? Alot of Japanese throws are sold at this price range. Its not a matter of prestige or bragging rights. You sound like a bigoted fanboy right now.

On topic: I paired both throws with a flat bearing and I found the OG to give a more floaty feeling. Though I did find that it’s no more stable than the comeback ava. In the end I still prefer the OG ava.