clyw chief

what run of the chief is coming out? does anyone like the colors i don’t think they are the most appealing for some reason.

Really? I think they’re drop-dead gorgeous!

That ‘happy dragon’… phwoooaaar. :o :o

I think dirty sunset is super duper. They all look good. Was kinda hoping for something pink.

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what run is it?

I believe it is the 14th run (15th if you’re counting the 7075 Chiefs).

I really like Brussels Sprouts.

Happy Dragon isn’t bad. The Hi Andre is hideous of course, but it seems the less attractive the better when it comes to the bizarre YYE-colorway cult.

Dang. way to be a jerk.

Well I think they all look pretty good you can’t go wrong with CLYW color’s

TA how many of the YYE editions are you planning on buying?

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                                                                                                                                            Really? I think they taste disgusting.

I love it… Almost like the original Zombie Beaver! :slight_smile:

give them a chance!

I don’t think they look that bad. I really like the different style that they are taking with colorways because it’s really something new and Dirty Sunset looks pretty nice

If you hadn’t noticed, but Dirty Sunset is exactly the same as YYF’s Golden Galaxy

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Sean of the Dead reference FTW.

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All the colors appear to be using wahtever the mottled/easteregg method is. Wonder if it’s the same anodizer that does the YYF galaxy stuff. I like it.

I might have to get at least two, just so I can upset those bizarre “anti-YYE colorway” cult members. Their heads must be spinning, because they still log in to look at these colors every day. It must be killing them by now.

Is this the last run of the Chiefs?


will there be fools gold of this run and any idea when?

A popular colorway of course :wink: