ceiling fans are bad for yoyos

so i was trying to learn a new whip trick today and for some reason i couldnt get the string to hook in the yoyo at all ??? then i realized that my ceiling fan was blowing my string away :o

my advice to all yoyoers- never yoyo near a fan (one time i smacked my DM2 into the glass part of my fan).

talk about life and death situation

It’s kind of annoying to yoyo when it’s windy… It makes it really hard to do some of my favorite tricks.

I’ll just say 5A and ceiling fans don’t mix (Next thing I knew my yoyo hit the wall…).

Now I’m really scared of the ceiling fan in my room.

Don’t go FlutterShy on me now…

Get a metal yoyo and learn to throw SUPER strong.

If your fan is wood, maybe you’ll win! That and some of that kevlar string they are selling here!

I have somewhat high ceilings in my house, or at least they seem high. The one good room to practice in has a fan in it. The other area has too much stuff in it. Outside, the patio cover is too low. Around the world would be a loud bang on the aluminum patio cover!

or i could just turn the fan off… decisions decisions

The moral of this thread is “Fans all though they seem nice be afraid of them!”.
^Me when I see a fan after this thread.

You could turn the fan off? Just saying

Not in Florida… And it’ll still screw up the fan or the yoyo if you hit it while it’s off… But if we’re talking slacks and whips wise then that solves it.

Cileing fans? Wind? HA!
I see it as a challenge.
If there are fans in the room:

Putting on my game face…

haha, my reverse regen ended up as a yoyo cannon after the string caught on my fan :stuck_out_tongue:

T.T Fans must DIE!

Stop bein haters all ya. Ever consider how fans feel? Maybe they think yoyos are bad for them.

Good thing my ceiling fan is 25 feet above from me.

I’m ready. I’m going to yoyo


EDIT: That was absolutely terrifying.


I went to eli hop at work the other day and after the first hop, I looked up to see that the break room light was just inches from where my yoyo popped up towards…lower ceiling… Moral of the story: ceilings are bad for yoyos…and trees are too…I went to do an Around the World when the tree ate my yoyo much like the Kite-Eating Tree from the peanuts.

I was doing some forward passes when my kid decided “hey, now would be a good time to spring towards Daddy…” It ALMOST did not end well. Yanked the yoyo back, almost smacked myself in the face and then the wife gets mad at me.

So, add KIDS to that list too!

My pug dogs got it figured out: yoyos mean no lap time. Stay away!