The Last Straw...


So, I have a fan on the ceiling my room with three glass lights on the fan. I have dinged my joyride, diplomat, marquis, and edge on these glass lights by losing control of the yoyo somehow. Just a couple minutes ago I dinged my edge and it was by far the worst. This is the last straw, any ideas on what I can do about the lights so I don’t keep dinging all of these yoyos?


Bubble wrap your yoyos :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Don’t yoyo under those lights.

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I’d try a different room.


I agree, go to a different room or go outside.


I would suggest that you remove a lightbulb. Then stick your finger in the socket to absorb just enough electricity to jolt your brain into not throwing in a room with any kind of large protruding ceiling mounted light fixtures.

Or better yet; just walk around the house doing Eli hops until all obstacles have been removed.


If this is legit and not a joke post I seriously weep for our future.


:stuck_out_tongue: That is bad, but you yourself could end up worse then the yoyo. I shattered a light fixture with my nicest yoyo. Glass showered on me and I ended up with a cut on my arm. And my yoyo was dinged badly as well.


Now that’s freaking funny.

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Okay let’s say this is a real and serious issue.
Do you have any other room in your house or possibly go outside where nothing breakable can get hit? that’s your best option.
Or if you can take the lamps down and install a couple of lamps in the corner. This is a harder method but then you can finally yoyo in your room at peace, or at least peacer than before.


OR you could just take down the lights and learn to yoyo in the dark–you know, build up that skill set.


Any ideas?.. Any ideas??..

Have you lost your ability to reason?

Did you really need these responses which suggest to yoyo in another room?

If you can’t solve this problem, then really you should just give up yoyoing.


That’s 6A if I’m not mistaken. Thrown in the dark the judges use night vision goggles to watch and score the player.


It’s really quite simple. Either raise the ceiling or lower the floor.

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But but, that will ‘raise’ another question.


That happened once. That’s why I don’t do 2a


No. The room that I yoyo in is the only room in my house where there is enough space, and the least amount of things that can ding yoyos. Going into another room will just make matters worse.


Go to your front door… or your back door if you are feeling a little daring. Turn that little round thing we call a “knob” and swing the door open. Step through the threshold and behold a very large room that we in the yo-yo world like to call “the outside”.

I’m sorry, but this isn’t rocket science. I still can’t believe this is a legit post.


What kind of house doesn’t have enough space to give you that little bubble of room you need for yoyoing? Sounds like you live in a teepee.


Rearrange your furniture… Replace the fan with a smaller profile light fixture…


Don’t lower yourself to my level.