How do you get your yo-yos to stay mint??


Seriously… HOW? every single yoyo i have has been mint for a few months, then has become riddled with dings and scuffs! how do you guys do it?


I don’t throw over anything other than grass and carpet.


tried that, then went into he house with the wood floor, got bored, threw, ding!


yup same here. i also have to be super careful just to keep it mint. you dont understand how crazy i am for keepng my throws mint

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You don’t use them.


Shorter strings. Adjust your throw.


Lol i’ve hit my wood floor so often and not got dings.




Thick pile rug?


You walk the dog with them on concrete until you stop caring. Then it won’t matter if they are mint or not.


Be a very boring human being.


To keep them mint, put them away in a drawer.

To keep them in fairly good condition, play them carefully, change string often so it doesn’t break.

Otherwise, just play’em.


I have a habit of keeping mine, for the most part, mint. Which is surprising because I tend to get fairly wreckless with them.

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I have found this to be the best method to keep your yoyos mint:

  1. Go over a cement/tile/other hard surface. (Don’t fear)
  2. Throw a VERY strong sleeper.
  3. Take the loop of your finger, still holding it though.
  4. Bind.

Works every time.


Most all of mine are in what I would call good to very good condition. Some have minor scuffs and none with major dings. I just tend to keep my stuff in good condition.


That’s what I do, and when I’m out and about, I’ll take a plastic with me. Not saying I don’t care about the plastic yoyo, but they are easier to replace should they go and finally fall apart.


Also plastic yoyos have higher resilience than metal. Therefore a ding on a smooth but hard surface will not do any damage.


Rubbing gum on it might work.

Or mint leaves.


For me it is being carefull and having a shorter string. I too play over a hard wood floor and have hit the wood many a time with no dings. Wood can be very forgiving… I have a Y Factor I got in August 2010 still dead mint… Just luck I guess.


I use longer strings because I am very short, so belly button length doesn’t cut it (pun intended). I just keep my throwhand arm up higher so the yoyo doesn’t hit the ground.