This has always puzzled me - people who will ONLY buy mint yoyos or get upset when they procure some love marks. Though I understand the premise: you spend a lot of money on something and you wish to keep it in good condition. Or you want to keep them mint for trading purposes (in that case, don’t throw the dang things).

But to me, I see it as the same as wearing a pair of shoes and getting angry when they get dirty. For the most part, it’s unavoidable, so there’s no logical reason to be bummed out, yet it still stings.

If you want to keep your return tops in pristine condition, throw them in a display case and never play with them. Though coming from a non-collector, that seems like a pointless waste of a toy, but to each their own.

I just find it funny that people will only purchase completely mint yoyos with the intent to play them.

Agreed. When trading or buying used I almost expect minor cosmetic damage. I have traded and will trade some I quote as mint as no visible damage (these as stated get little to no play). You can tell my favorite throws as they are close to mint but have love taps from my wedding ring. It’s like keeping your classic car in the garage and not driving it.

Mint yoyos are going to play like they are new, that’s the first reason to buy them. It is completely feasible to not ding a yoyo while still playing with it everyday, which means it will continue to work like new until the day I get bored of it and want a different one. I make all my money back and buy something different.

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I would rather buy a yoyo that has been loved than one that has not.

I’m sure some people just can’t stand seeing any blemish on an expensive yo-yo that was flawlessly machined and anodized, yet they still want to play with it. Or maybe they’re worried about the “love marks” affecting their own standards of play (smoothness, grinds). Or like you said, “you spend a lot of money on something and you wish to keep it in good condition.” Doesn’t really puzzle me, even if I don’t identify with them.

Some people don’t accept that if you want to keep your yo-yo in pristine condition AND play with it, that it’s almost impossible, even over carpet and without a belt ;). Maybe they will someday.

You said it perfectly, to each their own. It is kind of funny to watch people fret. They’ll probably get over it though.

Yeah i definitely agree on the mint thing. It is kind of ridiculous to attempt and keep a toy mint, but i do understand that these toys become $ and people want to keep the value in case life throws a fast ball at you and forces you to sell them.

This is why i have a beater (my capless) that i play over concrete or anywhere and this is the throw i grab when i leave the house. Then i have my nicer throws i will only play over grass or carpet. So i can still enjoy the best of both, and if my nice throws get scratched or dented, well… Thats life.

I’m obsessed with mint and new.

Not just because every ding or scratch has a story,
Not just because there was a minor financial investment in it,
No just because when it arrives, it’s like Christmas opening the box. ;D

It’s because it’s perfect - the way it was designed to play. How am I to know what some jammy hands 12 year old did to it or with it before it gets to me? :stuck_out_tongue:

But like everyone, I can’t keep them mint forever. So I have my dinged up lot of throws that I take wherever and throw anywhere. But, I have my “collection” that I only throw on carpet, with a lot of room and a swear jar on the counter when a mint throw hits my belt buckle and gets moved to the “dinged” lot. :-\


MikeEff, your signature “I used to have a savings account. Now I have yoyos.” is hilarious. That really made me laugh.

And I totally understand your take on the topic. Your plan makes sense for ya. Carry on.

And may I recommend to you braces or suspenders? :slight_smile:

I have a lot of shoes that I get mad that are dirty, so I am a freak about that as well.

I am one if those ding freaks. After a long time of playing I finally found my solution. I will buy a throw on the BST already dinged up and use it as a beater, and the rest stay at home in the case. I take care of everything I own. Just my thoughts, and I FREAK when a mint throw gets a ding.

I dunno, mangs. I bought a dinged Code 2, described by the reliable seller as playing smoothly. It plays smoothly! $35.

I guarantee I could sell it again on BST as “dinged but still smooth! Great player!” (which it is!) for $50. Maybe more!

So I’m not only recovering money, but MAKING money. :wink: Only possible when selling nonmint as nonmint. So there’s your money argument for you.

'Cept that I’m keeping it. Cause I love it. Throwing it over concrete just like my brand-new El Ranchero. :wink:

I like my yoyos to be nice. I don’t care about damage. To me, nice=no wobble.

I prefer to yoyo, not to inspect my yoyos for insubstantial damage.

The only times I could see this being an issue:

  1. You’re trying to sell your dinged yoyo’s;
    a. and people aren’t buying them cuz they’re dinged.
    b. and people are pestering you for more/better pictures, upon which they back out

  2. You’re hanging out with a friend in real life, and you really want them use their yoyo for god knows whatever reason, but they won’t cuz they’re standing over concrete. So assumably, you’re getting a little annoyed cuz your friend won’t yoyo at that given moment (lol?) which in this case is over concrete. This then opens the door for you to go through the motions of explaining that you play over concrete cuz you simply don’t care, or because “you don’t truly play yoyo unless it’s over carpet, concrete, tile, hot coals (and/or lava), etc”.

Is there any that we’re missing? Cuz idk why this matters. I’ve been going hard in the paint and still managing to keep my nice yoyo’s mint. Also, let’s all just agree to disagree.

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Ain’t it the truth, though. ::slight_smile:

Hot coals, warm coals. Doesn’t have to actually burn your feet, though. It’s when you add in the lasers. That’s when it gets fun. Real yoyoers throw in the dark. :wink:

Haha, I actually throw my light up freehand in the dark all the time. It’s sooo fun/beautiful with the slow fade rainbow LED. Which reminds me, I need to get a black light, hehe.

But last night at like 4 AM, in the dead of night, I’m up throwing (in the dark) and I get the brilliant idea… “Hmm, let’s try some 5A, with that light up counterweight”… This very quickly leads to me trying to throw left handed 5A. I’ve never even tried to throw with my left hand, nor have I really even gotten anywhere in 5A at all, haha. First throw, the yoyo goes flying straight at my door, makes a HUGE bang sound, the effect was like a drum amplifying through my house. Such a dumb idea. My dogs went nuts, everyone woke up, I swear my dogs made the neighbors dogs bark haha

That’s how I manage to make my throws non-mint. haha

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I love to find a yoyo I want on BST with a couple dings. It only means I get it cheap and don’t have to worry about putting that first mark on it. It’s the first mark that hurts.

Not agreed. It’s like buying anything. Some people would prefer to have the thing they buy in the best condition possible.

Like Mike here, I have a collection over carpet, and I have a separate select to beat the hell out of (literally)

Provided everyone had the choice, you’d choose the new… When you buy something retail price and ding it up pretty bad, yes it’s a love mark, but it still upsets you to see an artistic treasure “ruined.” Eventually, yes, you get over it, but it takes awhile.

However I will say that when I ding it up, I do play with it a lot more, considering I am always working out on the road :slight_smile:

Not quite. Yoyos have much more severe ‘normal use’ than most other consumer goods. I mean they’re hunks of metal spinning at 4000RPM. It’s something that when people buy it, they very well know the chance for damaging such a product is far greater than, say, an iPhone.

Not to say I don’t like to keep my yoyos in good condition. In fact, I really only have one ‘beater’. I typically play over carpet or grass. I just find it amusing that some people are almost surprised their yoyo was damaged.

I throw them all the time and all of my throws are mint or at the very least near mint. I just only throw some over carpet. I play with them just as hard as I would over any other surface but only use my high end throws over carpet so at the end of the day if I do hit it or ding it it doesn’t look tore up. It’s more about looks to me. People buy cars and take care of them and prefer not to ding them up. That’s just how I see it tho I understand how it would seem pointless otherwise but I like to also keep them mint in order to trade for something I want to collect so that I can put it on display :slight_smile:

Also if a throw has love marks that’s fine, but I would rather be the one to put the love on it lol

The title describes all of my yoyos. :stuck_out_tongue: