Why so many Mint YoYos?

Whenever i visit BST, it feels like most of the yoyos for sale are “in mint condition”. Do people not play with yoyos and buy them just to collect and display? It seems odd to me that people wouldn’t throw the yoyo a couple of times…

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Perhaps a lot of people buy a yoyo and do not like how it feels/plays so instead of leaving it in there case they toss it up on the BST?

honestly I do not know. I have sold a few for just this reason though.


I know that back then a lot of dinged/well loved yo-yos would go for significantly less or have a harder time going than mint yo-yos. It might be because buying dinged yoyo at meets is better than online also because you can try it.

My guess is that, not knowing any better, people call a lot of stuff “mint.”


i’ve always been a person that tries really hard to take care of my things, yoyos included. i also try to inspect my throws to ensure they are ‘not mint’ before i put them up, so i can truly tell if they are mint. i’ll also look for the slightest in perfections when talking with someone… i’d rather come across something minuscule or negligible on the front end, then surprises on delivery. a little bit is good, more is better. that’s the american way!!! pics included!


Mint is a fine description. If you can’t tell if it’s been played with, or new from the box, it’s close enough.

I’ve also found people are good at pointing out even minor imperfections for the most part.

Excellent condition is admittedly safer. If we were talking about currency or collectible comics, buyers have very high standards.

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A lot of people play a few, but collect many.


@LinksLegionaire many moons ago did a good reference on damage, and a brief discussion on mint condition… this is a good one to keep bookmarked in my opinion…

Yoyo Damage Terminology (with pictures!)


“played over carpet”


Some hypotheses here:

  1. Buy solely for collection or investation :sunglasses:
  2. Have a lot of yoyos, but only play a select few. Only carry a beater for EDC
  3. Buy in duplicates. One to play with, 1 for collection
  4. Play on top a a thick carpet
  5. Play extra carefully, no high risk tricks involved
  6. Never play the yoyos at all, and buy just because of impulsive urge to buy a product :laughing: :shushing_face:

Which one are you?


i used to abide by the rules of 4-
-one for learning/beating
-one for perfecting/keeping/playing
-one for trading/selling
-one just in case

had to ween off the habit, pared down to singles, and only play my nicest throws over asphalt and concrete… keeps me sharp :wink:


Rule of 4 applied to your anti-yo collection will be terrifying… couldn’t even imagine it lol :sweat_smile: :joy:


that would be the only category i would maintain… there were quite a few i had before…

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I have found I just damage a lot yo-yos less than I used to. I have thrown my grail nearly every day for the last year with still no damage. I’m not particularly careful either. I play over concrete multiple times a week. Everyday during the summer. A couple factors may be I normally am not doing body tricks. I am 6’ 5” so the extra distance may help? I am also not normally pushing myself to the limits. Just relaxing and noodling.

I also wonder if the cost of yo-yos has an impact. As in as yo-yos have gotten cheaper people purchase more quantity. So each throw has less time being played.

Just random sleepy thoughts. Goodnight.


3 & 4 leaves me with one (or more) mint in the case, one near mint that is used for play. I do have a few that are not mint or near mint that we’re scratched or dinged when I was first learning and playing over tile, concrete or rocks. I also have a group that I will carry and play anywhere, with little concern for damage, or a select few that I have three or four dupes of so I feel comfortable taking the risk of damage. I’ve slowed down a lot on my purchases, as I now know my preferences well. The first two years was all about trying new stuff, both throws and tricks/elements. Like someone else said, it’s rare that I hit anything these days, but every so often I’ll manage to hit the carpet. I sometimes wonder if I should leave my collection to some sort of youth group when I croak(hopefully not any time in the near future), as it would be a dream come true for the younger crowd who can’t afford to buy and try as I have been fortunate enough to do. I don’t live horribly far from YYF, and I’m told it’s a gathering place for throwers, although I have not verified that. However, my collection has a lot more than just YYF throws, thank the gods!

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I’ve found that most of the dings in my yoyos come from interactions with my belt buckle in front style tricks regardless of where I play (concrete, grass, carpet etc).



I occassionally ding my throws but very seldom luckily…

The only dings you’ll find on any of my yoyos are the work of previous owners. And those are the only throws I play over hard surfaces.

I like playing with all my yoyos, but I also like to keep them in exceptional condition. Which is perfectly doable if one makes the effort. And for me, part of that “effort” includes acquiring pre-dinged yoyos that I can use as EDC-Anywhere throws where the cause of keeping them pristine is already lost.


in fact, out of habit I don’t wear rings, bracelets, I take off my watch and keep the belt buckle covered with a sweater or sweatshirt.
I always play on carpets and when I use yoyos outside I try to use those that already have damage.

exactly, I also do the same … over the years, however, some small damage has happened to me too to cause it …