Broke another light

So I broke another light while yoyoing I think that makes 2 or 3 now. They have all bean the glass shades for the light bulbs that hang down from the bottom of a ceiling fan. I’m getting to tall for eli hops and neck tricks I guess. So now I’m sitting here looking at all the dings and pin pricks from the glass on my Cypher (Glad it wasn’t my chief). Did you know glass can dent alluminum? now this isn’t the ano thats dinged its the actual mettle itself.

So what have you guys broken while yoyoing?

Yes, glass is harder than aluminum.

And maybe the moral to the story is don’t yoyo by the ceiling fan any more. One might pick up on that after the first one, surly by the second. :wink:

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3rd tries the charm

I believe there’s a clinical term for continuing to perform the same operation and hoping for a different result.


I’ve broken my light(not the bulb) fixture on my fan by doing and Eli hop while the fan was on face-palm. The string wrapped around and screwed up my werrd minute. It took me five minutes to untangle it.

Yes indeed. The Clinical term is ‘Forum Mod’.


I’m curious if a parent laid down the law after that second time. If so, I’m curious what reaction you got to it the last time. And, what reaction did you get to it this time? :-\

I think it was only 2 that I’ve broke it could have been three. My mom didn’t really care this was the one in my own room so she just told me to throw it in the grarbage so it was not really a big deal.

And JHB I did realize it the first time so I moved to a different room to start yoyoing and now I broke that ceiling fan light as well. So yea… The problem is there is a ceiling fan in every single room of our house so its kinda hard to stay away from them.

Ah ha. Your mom seems pretty cool. Those things tend to be relatively inexpensive anyway. :wink:

well if i ever invite Erik to my house ill remember to tell him to yoyo outside or away from fans… one day this is going to happen to him.

it doesnt happen too often it just happens sometimes when I’m getting into a combo and not paying attention to my surroundings as much

Yea they sell them at Menards for like $5

I had to look up that store name on Google. Here, we mainly have Lowe’s and Home Depot. :smiley: I had never heard of it. Sounds good.

One reason why I won’t practice near ceiling fans, also don’t forget what happened to that one guy in Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom.

I have claimed the lives of 4-5 light bulbs :-X, and one time i broke the WIRING in the living room fan and for a year we could not turn on the light in there (its fixed now btw) :stuck_out_tongue:

Back to the light bulbs, my first YYF Shutter got pretty beat from this same incident. I had to REEEEEEEEEEALY sand it down before it didn’t cut strings or wobble.

I have claimed the lives of 0 light bulbs but, of 2 glass faces of 2 different watches.

Not bad… not bad…

I really see no way around avoiding things getting broke when you are doing Around The Worlds, World Tours, Sky Binds or any high Hopping upwards style Tricks. Especially if you are combining any of these, the real trick is to not get hurt yourself.

I can remember the first time I “Around The Worlded” my first DUNCAN Imperial straight into an old, heavy metal ceiling fan with no lights of any kind. The Yo-Yo broke off the string and dropped right on my noggin. The next was into a chandelier at the Mall with little fragments dropping from the ceiling. Those were the first early days with Around The World and a big old clunky plastic DUNCAN that would occasionally turn into a projectile. Many broken strings, many broken Yo-Yo’s. The Strings themselves were especially cheap and undurable crap back then. To find out what I’m talking about, open 1 out of 3 or maybe more new Imperials or Butterflys from retail today and the Axle will snap the Loop on the stock String with just a little bit of use.

I doubt I’ve seen the last of the Yo-Yo going into the Ceiling Fan or breaking the Ceiling Fan’s Lighting or Light Bulb. It still happens to me every now and then, for instance… Just last week I read that One Drop weighted Yo-Yo Thread and took my Torque up to like 75 Grams, that was a bad idea. First, I ripped the Weight Rims off my SkyHawk and lightly epoxied them to my Torque. I then tried Suiciding and it hit the Light Fixture and broke it but I still landed it back into Trapeze and then Sky Binded it into the Ceiling Fan Blade and it broke off. It was good after I fixed everything but still I’m glad I didn’t hit myself.

I’ve been yo-yoing for 4 years and haven’t broke anything :o

I’ve been yoyoing for less than you and the new yoyos that come out have already broken my heart

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