Yoyo damage!

What damage have you caused with your yoyo? Today I was practicing 2A and I tried a loop into an around the world and it worked but it shattered a light bulb, I heard a loud pop like a balloon and there was no light, haha. It took about 25 minutes to get it out of the socket!

I just recently was practicing 5A in the kitchen, and I destroyed one of the light covers usually on fans, but luckily did not destroy the light bulb. Let’s just say, I don’t practice 5A anywhere other than outside now :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can remove power from the fixture, use a potato to stuff into the base and see if that will grab enough to twist it out. Key points: REMOVE POWER, even if that means flipping a breaker.

Otherwise, pliers and twisting.

Honestly, it doesn’t take that much to break many bulbs. Your yoyo should be fine.

Now, imagine 5A or 4A around a spinning house fan. All I can say is “INCOMING!”.

Imagine a string breaking and the yoyo flying into a door. Fortunately, neither door nor yoyo took any damage.

When my Duncan Butterfly snapped off the string after a hard breakaway and slammed into the back of my couch then flew in to the kitchen. :o (just picture that) then, at a party,(i was in the backyard) i was doing “around the world” with my yomega maverick, then the string snapped :o and flew about 2 stories ::)then dropped on the ground. (no one was harmed during these horrible accidents but the throws were *whew :-[.) (these events all happened)

A couple of bruises and cuts, but nothing that big, although one time
My yoyo had snag and it hit me in mouth and it hurt -.- lol

I haven’t really damaged many yoyos since I’ve been throwing for a while and mainly play 5A. Back in like 2005 I let my cousin use my OG Hitman. Needless to say, I miss that throw lol.

I’ve had a snag in my yoyo and without knowing threw a hard breakaway and drilled myself right in the eye. It looked like I took a punch like a champ.

Yeah… I didn’t tell anyone that a yoyo caused it… ;D

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I’ve had a couple of incidents. First of all, I once was 4a-ing near a delicate glass vase. Guess what happened :wink:
… I hit the ceiling. :stuck_out_tongue: ??? :o
In addition, I’ve hit myself time and time again while practicing Banana Turnover. I’ve also hit a bottle of liquid cement, causing it to shatter and fly all over the place. And last (and certainly NOT least) I’ve hit my brother.


I got a snag without knowing it and threw a hard hori throw…my yoyo resulted in hitting me right between my eyes, where it left gash, and drew blood :stuck_out_tongue: the funny thing was that i did it during class and had to go get some bandages XD

I told all my friends i got into a knife fight with sum thuggzzz…its a hard knock life yo B)

Chips on my wall. Losing complete control of a metal 5a yoyo is complete terror.

Uh I’ve smashed my forehead once. I’ve been known to get things stuck in the ceiling while doing 4a, and I once got a black eye doing 4a. It rebounded off a fan and the rest is history.

I think the worst yoyo injurie ive had was when my 4A yoyo snaged and hit me in the mouth and my lip started bleeding but I survived

Okay let’s count A Holy Pure has inflicted self wounds and property damage:
1.When I was starting out with a metal drifter I managed to smack my face with a good sleeper then snaged and returned across my face.
2. My brother with the same yoyo. (don’t worry it wasn’t the same day)
3. Virginia States yyf G5 flew off the string and then ran into my legs
4. G5 to arms and wrist (count this as multiple)
5. Yuukista to friend’s head (not that bad)
6. 4A yoyos to face (XX Fiesta and Xodus II) (Whips and Leg wraps)
7: YYJ classic long string play to the face (Have pictures)
8: Supernova to crouch (a pleasant day that was)
And the story continues after a 2 1/2 year period.
(Surprisingly no property damage)