so my ceiling fan..


So my ceiling fan caught my string while practicing suicides, was a very big loop lol! I had just learned a new way to get the loops to open bigger. Has this happened to anybody?


Dude, how low is your ceiling?


thats what i would call BOSS!


or how long is your string


My string is pretty long and my ceiling fan blades are about 4-5 inches away from my head and Im 5 10. lol so bad combination i guess, but I did have a feeling of happiness after i realized i suicided to my fan blade!


Whoa what string?


any tips on getting the loop bigger?


So if a fellow that’s say… 6’4"… comes into your place he’d get a free hair cut?


you must be in a basement or something, If not, I would have to duck just to walk around your house!


Follow the part where you move you throw hand!

I couldnt figure out how to get the video to show up. Can somebody fix this for me.


Yes Sir! lol I have to warn people about it.

Navythrow, yes you would have to duck in our house. It was built in the year 1900 lol. not kidding though