Capital's Yoyo, another SE Asia Manufacturer, Based on Indonesia.


as posted before, there will be limited edition of the Angkasa
for the first run, the limited will be raw and has special laser engraving.

and on the picture is the last time all the limited spend time together.

Arif K


Sorry if this has been already answered, but how much are these going to cost?


For the regular edition the price point hasn’t been finalized yet, as I still discussing of how much the for the store to sell them to reasonably compete with other brands.
As for limited, I don’t really have plans for them, please pm me if you are interested on the raw, thank you

Arif K


Hey, its nice to see angkasa completed. I just bought the serum almost a month ago and I love how it plays, even though I still can’t use it’s maximum potentials yet(my last yoyo is profire gt). Your new yoyo angkasa looks great, and I think it will plays great too… Great job there. I also love your packaging style, elegant and very clean IMO


I see you are from Indonesia, do we know each other in person?
Come by INYC these weekend, I will have some b grade angkasa there.
see you.


I think we never met. But I’d like to meet you someday hehe.
One question. Is the serum made from Al 6061? Because you mention angkasa is made from 7075 which is a dense Al


I hope we met someday, it always great to have new friends.

The serum is made from 6061 aluminium that can be found in Indonesia, which honestly, the quality is not very good, seems a bit softer than 6061 should be. My mistake though, because I let the machine shop source the material.

As for the Angkasa, I personally sourced for the material.
Using 7075 for me is not really to archive maximum rim weight and thinnest wall possible, but to archive specific weight on certain area to create the feel that the Angkasa has, as can be seen on the cutaway, the wall of the Angkasa is not that thin, but made so that it has a momentum to counter balance the outer rim.

I hope you can try the Angkasa soon.


Looking forward for that!


I go to Indonesia National Yoyo Contest last week end, and has people try out the Angkasa.
Got many feed backs, but I’m really happy when Ahmad Kharisma try out the yoyo that I design.

Yes, I am very, very happy.
more pics to come.

Arif K


I took another video

Comments and critique are appropriated.


Another video, courtesy of Saint Petersburg Yo-Yo School, featuring the silver with green splash angkasa, and Pavel Shiyanov.
Check them out here;
Tons of awesome video and tutorials, subscribe to them if you can.

Arif K


Wanted to share something.
Here you can see the little changes the Angkasa has for each prototype. on the left are first prototype made by good friend at Revyolution, until the final production rum on the right.

can you spot the differences?


Nice vids, the lighting is much better than the last one( of course its daytime) ;D by the way if you’re planning on making another video, maybe you could shoot it in a high place or place with a wide place with wide horizon, shot from the bottom so that it will fit the name angkasa nicely…just my opinion though hehe ;D


Thank you for your feedback.
Yes, I also have such plan, but yet have time to do it.
I plan to take some video on Puncak-bogor along with some friends. I really hope I can make it.

Anyway, have you throw the Angkasa yet?


Not yet, haven’t got any chance to do that because of exams hehehe


This limited run are now for sale.
Visit my facebook page if you want one

that is all I can say here.

Arif K


Quiz time

The prize are the limited edition, serial numbered Angkasa.

I think the Angkasa need more exposure, so I decided to do a giveaway, but, I want to do it differently.
So I decided to do a quiz.
Here is the question;

The Capital’s Angkasa has a secret feature, guess that feature, and one of the limited edition Angkasa will be yours.
The secret feature has been hinted on the forum, on this thread, and on my instagram account.

How to answer;
I will only receive an answer through a DM on Istagram.
I repeat, only through a DM on instagram, nothing more, not even a PM on the forum.
The first one to answer it right wins. I will announce when there are winner.
the link to my Instagram account are on my signature, and please follow me if you like.

As the limited version of the Angkasa has been on sale, the winner may pick any number left, or if all been sold, I will reserve any number that is not sold for the winner of this quiz.

Thank you
Happy guessing.


Can we attempt to guess more than once?


Sure, fire those answer away on my instagram.
The winner will be the first one who guess it right.
good luck


Submitted a message under @cdeliro an hour ago. Dang this yoyo looks GOOD.