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Some of you, and most of you may not, know that I try to make a yoyo.
Such as this one;

The Angkasa
Made on December 2010 by RevYoLution, and only 2 prototype is ever made. All this time I try to find a machinist, here on Indonesia (Jakarta region especially) that capable of making yoyos, and it’s not easy, I swear.

Most of the machinist here not accustomed to make small, precise things. So I try to contact some, most of them decline from making a yoyo, and others are making an unplayable things shaped like yoyo. But I just too persistent to give up.

And after finding a machine shop that capable of making yoyos, this happens :

Here are the 3 prototype that I have

First prototype

Dia : 56 mm
Width : 44 mm
weight : 54.5 g
and it pulsing due to some precision problem.

Second prototype

Dia : 56 mm
Width : 44 mm
weight : 56.5 g
the first prototype, even though that it’s pulsing, give me an idea of how it plays, and it feels kinda light, so i bring up the weight a little bit.
this one vibes due to some mistake when making the axle thread.

Third prototype

Dia : 56 mm
Width : 44 mm
weight : 57 g
And this one is OK!

So what do you think about this one?


The third could be more descriptive, but still good review!


I would get one if it were to become available in the US


I wish you luck, would probably do better if it weighed a little more too


They look cool! I used to live in Jakarta and I wouldn’t imagine finding a machinist there.


Tell me when you decide to sell them because I will buy one!


Seems really light, but I like it.


raise the weight by 14 grams. :o

I think that if you ever want testers for your yoyo, i would be happy to volunteer. these look kinda cool.


Yeah. I agree. Those weights seem really low. The designs look cool


I like the way they are weighted.


Sorry about my lack of update.
So that yoyo that I’m working on is featured on yoyoskills

and before that, here

I raised the weight quite a bit, the last prototype didn’t perform up to expectation of many that tried it. So its 66,5 gram with exact same dimension.

The final prototype are done, and I’ve done a small run of 50 pcs Serums that waiting to be anodized as of now.

So ho do you guys think about my design?


More picture about the profile

and these are some picture about the small production run, fresh from the machine shop.


If i had the money and the opportunity, i would buy one in a heartbeat. They look awesome.


Really nice stuff, Kristiawan! Very impressive, indeed!


first two serum is up for sale

see them here;


Any idea on the price to ship to the USA? :slight_smile:


I’ve already check the shipping cost from Indonesia to US, its about 15$

Price for the Serum are on my BST that linked to my previous post.

Thank You…


Good luck! :slight_smile: These yoyos look great, shame I can’t get one. Always great to see other people making yoyos too.


Thank you
wish me luck on this one


I would love to test one I might even buy one if I get the money