Capital's Yoyo, another SE Asia Manufacturer, Based on Indonesia.


The bearing finally arrive today

So that leave me with anodizing…

Please buy the serums here:

so that I can continue with this project and you guys will see the final product then.
Thank you


The First two serum has left me.

So I have some funds to anodize the rest of them, big thank you for slowyojoe fo YYE and my friend on Indonesia, Farul.

So off to anodizing then…


Glad to see your project is advancing! If you could pm me with where you got those bearings, that’d be nice, I’ve been looking for a source of cheap flat bearings.


I was wondering if these will be available at retailers like YYE? I really want to pick one of these up ! I might have to get this over a Summit…


Is there any expected dates to get the anodized versions back?


Those yoyos look great. What kind of metal are they?


I’ll shoot you a PM, I’m sorry it took so long.

Still testing sandblasting and anodize, it will take some time I guess.

6061, a good starting point I guess…


Any chance they will be at retailers soon ?


Sorry for the lack of update, terrible things has happened.

Anyway, I got my anodizing sample the other day, the rest of the serum is being anodized right now.


Looks really good!


like what terrible things?


That looks amazing! :flushed:



Anyway… A while ago I watched the Summit return top documentary, and after I saw the very first Summit, I think I want to share this pic…

Well… what do you think?


Lol, exactly what happened to OD with the summit! Very funny.


how did that happen?


it happens when the machinist puts a wrong number into the program.


thogh times, that is the first time they see metal yoyos anyway.
I kinda lucky that I found a machine shop that would do yoyos, through trial and error process.


well I’m sorry that kind of thing happened. How many protos did it happen to?


about 11 half or so…
wrong number, difference between negative and positive, nudge on the machine, broken tool mid processing.
Haha, at least it got right the last time. Anything could happen, I glad I didn’t give up.


Well Im glad you arnt giving up. such a nice design and you’ve made it this far why stop. When you reach your final step i would love to pick one of these up