Capital's Yoyo, another SE Asia Manufacturer, Based on Indonesia.


So, the anodizer send me a few pic today.

little bit messy though.
They say that it should be done by the end of this week…


They look great!


I’m excited, You may find a future customer in me I think :wink:


I need one.


Can you also pm me where you got the bearings from?


Thank you guys… wish me luck on this will you.

I’ll shoot you a PM


PM me 2 plz


How much will an ano’d version cost?


They are looking great! What is the retail price going to be?


Final pic of the serum, I’ll try to take a better picture soon.

I try to hit the 75-80$ price point. and I do hope that YYE would carry these… But I only has 30 serums.

Just wish me luck guys…


Really nice!


if I could get one for $75-80 i’d be happy they look really nice


They look great!


What kine of responsse does the Serum use?


Final Pics
The Yoyo
The Box
and what in the box.

Anyone want these?


I want one bad, but I can’t spend money on jojos until july. If there are any left in mid-july, let me know.


Thank you

Kinda question that I’ve been waiting for. ;D

here is some pic

here you can see the response area of the serum with 3 kind of response, they came standard with flowable silicone , they also compatible with magic yoyo response pad, and CBC slim pad, and I sometimes use adegle response pad on my test yoyo.

here some close up look on the one using magic yoyo response and CBC slim pad.


Very nice it is compatible with different types of response. when will these go out for sale cause i want one


Can you please pm me where you got the bearings aswell?

Also congratulations on getting so far with this design, I liked it the first time I saw it and I still do like it. Just noticed you might be the first Indonesian yoyo maker!


These look awesome.
Plus send me a pm on where you got the bearings.