Capital's Yoyo, another SE Asia Manufacturer, Based on Indonesia.


OK guys, here is a quick question.

I already mentioned that the price point that I after is between 75-80$, but looks like I will fail to archive that.

As you may know that I’m trying to get YYE to carry serums, but unfortunately, I’ve miss calculated that they have to make profit as well.

I know, I’m sorry.

Now here is the question, would anyone still interested on getting what I’ve been working on for the past two years if it hit the 100$ price tag?


thats not much of a difference, the people that realize how much work u put into this they will understand and still get it.


Having owned one of these for a while now, I’d definitely pay the $100 price tag for a second one.


$100 is very reasonable price.


Thank you, but little bit correction on the first Indonesian.
The very first modern yoyo maker from Indonesia is rosyo, after that came some other like revyolution (very good friend of mine, he has the K-2 yoyo which is very good IMO) and yoyorare. I hope these guys will make more yoyos in the future.

thanks guys, that give me confident boost.

I think I will go for it.


Please try and get your yo-yos being able to sell in America I think it would be amazing to try one!


yeah I really want one and have the cash set aside for the release


I’m working on it, just wish me luck.


You dont need luck you got this.


News update guys…

So, apparently YYE can’t carry my yoyos for some reason, so I guess all of stock that left would be going to my BST.

My luck just run out I guess…

they can be found here:,56026.0.html

Please help me raise some money so I can make better runs of yoyo next time…

(2Sick Joey) #71

Did they tell you why they won’t carry your yoyo?


Can I just add that while it is clearly disappointing that Kristiawan isn’t having his yoyos carried by YYE, they are available on his BST. Oh, and they’re really really good. So pick one up. For the price point, which is very reasonable, their play is superb.


Sort of, but that kind of thing shouldn’t be talk about here.
I have to gone through that in order to get stronger, perhaps…

Thanks man, looking at the bright side, I may finally have some chances to acquire some trade counts… ;D

If I raised enough, and I really hope so, I will make more yoyos, and I don’t want to stop…


Well, I think I should make a promotion video.

In the mean time, here is my friend, Farul, showing what the yoyo can do.
This video is taken during the BIYO 2013 event I suppose.

The yoyo is a raw Capital’s Yoyo - Serum.




I would love to get one… Unfortunately I have no money. :frowning: But Great job on the design!




You still can! Just send him a PM, he’s selling them through the forums for $75 each, cheaper than theyd be on YYE!

They seem really, really nice (although to be honest I preferred the raw ones to the solid color anodize - next time maybe do a clear anodize with beadblast, so you get the performance of anodized with the looks of raw?). I very much would have bought one had I not spent like 500$ on yoyos in the past week, really need to stop buying them lol.


such a cruel world we live in. . .


is there any particular reason why you can’t do BST?
I will honor all the rules of BST’ing, reputation is everything I believe…

These toys are really addictive yes?
Once I spent money on yoyos just because I want, even that I have NO money, but I never regret it… ;D
Anyway, if I make enough to make another run, it won’t be the Serum, it will be the Angkasa.