Capital's Yoyo, another SE Asia Manufacturer, Based on Indonesia.


Parents plus I doubt any ones going to trust me any way


Don’t think of it as buying off the BST. Think of it as buying from the manufacturer. Big difference. At least in parents eyes. :slight_smile:


Correction. A different parents eyes not mine.


I think I should link this sooner.

Serum review by Slowyoejoe,57519.0.html


Where have I been all this time…

Anyway, I just goin to leave this here…

I finally decided to have a team member, This is Winalda, a good friend of mine and has a wicked yoyoing skill.

I am really sorry for the bad quality, I guess I have to invest on a camera soon to make a better video.

I hope you guys enjoy it…


Anyway, I find this thread is little empty, mainly because I have nothing to share.
So I guess I will share something that I’ve been working on.

That is the rendered image of the Angkasa, and this is the first design I made back on 2009 with AutoCAD

And after that, the design has been redesigned several times until I finally made a prototype with help from my friend at ‘RevYoLution’ in 2010

So, I hope I can make this yoyo soon. I had to say that I am not satisfied with the performance of the first prototype, and I decided to tweak the design without sacrificing the design element that I want to be present in the yoyo.

Anyway, to make the next prototype, I need some funds, and I hope you guys can help me by buying the first yoyo that I produce; The Serum
You can find them here;,56026.0.html

There’s only 52 Serums made, and I don’t plan to make any more of it because I have many design to make once I have raised enough funds. So I guess the Serum is kinda rare yoyo…


And let me share something about the Angkasa;
The Angkasa is designed not towards a full fledged performance yoyo, I designed it more for a unique feeling, but it doesn’t mean that the Angkasa would not suit to anyone that want to claim any major titles.

I want this yoyo to have a unique balance of heavy and floaty, with a good stability, good horizontal capability and enough spin time. Now that sound like a too big to dream for a yoyo, as nothing should be perfect, but I want to try to hit a balance point between spin time and agility, I guess people don’t need a yoyo that can spin for an hour but just a pain to maneuver.

It is also an oversize yoyo, my first prototype measure 57,5 diameter by 46 width…

So, please help me by buying the Serum guys, so I can make more awesome yoyo in the future…
Also, I will post more of my design and more about my plan on making yoyos…



few more video by my friends


December Sale
Get a Serum for only 50$

More Info at the BST,56026.msg572927.html#msg572927


have you considered asking a store to sell your yoyos? cause they look really cool im bound someone will sell them on that store


I did ask YYE to carry some Serum, but I guess time is difficult now, and my luck just run out…
Anyways, do you interested on getting one of these? ;D


Just want to inform you guys that the prototype for Angkasa is on the go.

Wish me luck…


Looks cool! Can’t wait to see the angkasa finally realized!


Hi there

today I want to share this picture

This is a concept design I did.
an undersize yoyo with 52 mm diameter.

As I still waiting for the prototype of the Angkasa, I do many concept design on my free time.

But I am not happy with this design.
My goal with Capital yoyo is to make a unique yoyo, yet have good performance, and this design is just like another V-shape yoyo.

I will continue to make adjustment until I have a design that I like.
and I hope I can make an undersize yoyo when the Angkasa is finished.


Looks good1 I like the Angkasa more, but they both look cool.


When will the Angkasa’s be made? and estimated cost of purchase? If I have the money I want to support you especially after trying your serum


man i am soo want so many home made yoyos from people on the forums there looking more interesting than what i am seeing i want these sooo bad!


Let me share a teaser

I think I still have a long way to go though…

Anyway, if you like what I’m doing, please support me by buying a Serum on my BST,56026.0.html

Thanks guys.


lookin good!


Yikes! How short is the axle for that thing?


quite short… ;D