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Even better! Can’t wait to see this thing together!


Here it is, finally a prototype, and I got it too light.
have some pulsing issue due to weight, weight rings helps a lot…

will be back to the drawing board and increase a weight a little.
note that the two Angkasa on the back is an old prototype, the first one from 2010.
and the FHZ cap? no idea what they doing there…

Wish me luck guys…


While I wait for the next Angkasa prototype, let me share another concept first.

this is another concept that has been in work for almost a year, but I never settle on how it should be.
first of all, this is a 4A yoyo.
I want to make a metal core inside a derlin shell, kinda what you see on Yonity Kung or YoyoJoker Satelite, but I want to make the metal core removable, so I make some kind or retaining mechanism similar to Adegle Roc.

This yoyo shall be called Jupiter
and I wanted it to be the 4th on Capital Yoyo line up.

That is all.


You want to make a 4a yoyo, that comes apart around a metal core? Oh boy; That’s going to be difficult. Either it’ll be to loose where it slips and vibes, or too tight where it sticks and vibes. That is an ambitious goal.


Sorry to say but u don’t know what you are talking about. It can be done with very minimal or no vibe.


Thanks man, mainly for saying that it will be difficult, not impossible.
I know that would be hard, weight distribution and fittings and all of that, but I still want to try it.

Thanks man, at least the_zee kow that it will be difficult.
It still a long way to go though, 4th yoyo is pretty far away.

What I want is to make an undersize yoyo after the angkasa.


difficult maybe, but there’s definately things that you could implement in your design to perfect alignment of the delrin and metal inserts. Either way it’s worth a try! plus so what if a 4a yoyo vibes a little?


Buy one!


My concern with the 2 material 4a is the bounce would probably be weird


Yes, I know it has been done, and I used to have a Werrd Bad Decision, which was a similar thing. I just think it’s too much effort to get it with the perfect press-fit to work perfectly.


Well hello all.

It’s been quite some time.
a really long time in fact, that this thread haven’t been updated.
I think I really owe an apology, because many things happen, there are less and less time for me to run Capital yoyo.

well I’m back now, sort of.

The Angkasa has been through it’s prototyping stage, for almost 2 years, even more than that for the first angkasa prototype, I finally think that I got the right one.

For the mean time, please enjoy this picture of all the prototype that I’ve been working on.

let me know what you think.


Hey! Glad to see you back! Interesting collection of protos… I wonder which one is the closest to the one you intend to use for production. :smiley:


Thank you

the design of the angkasa hasn’t change much, especially for the profile.
all that has changed is the inner cup design, weight distribution and material, all other features will be the same.

if you are interested, you can visit my instagram account, there are some picture of the angkasa over there.

also, here are the specs;
Diameter : 58 mm
Width : 45 mm
Effective Width : 42 mm
Weight : 67 g
Material : 7075 Aluminum
Bearing : Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Axle : M4 x 10 mm
Response System : Silicone

More picture coming


all the prototype of Angkasa, total 6 variation has been made for the last 5 years until I found the right one.

can you find the difference?


Looking good! Glad to see you kept at it. All those protos look fun to play!

({RTD} alecto) #116

rims look a bit sharp for my taste, but the overall shape looks cool.
should be a very quick stable throw.


Well, some of them are not fun to play with.
the first and second (the one with non flat hub) is really fun to play with, but had bearing seat problem.
the third and fourth has awful pulse because of the weight is too light
the fifth is OK, but doesn’t quite right, kinda heavy.
and finally, the sixth is great, but I decide to change the material to 7075 at that point.
And I can assure you, it is more fun to play with the final product than all of this prototype.

I have eliminated all dangerous part though :smiley:

maybe I will post some cutaway next so people can see the shape better, and some more photos.

thank you all.
Arif K


As promised, here is the weight distribution of the Angkasa.

How do you think they will play?


Here are two colorway that will be available on the first run
Silver with green splash, and gunmetal grey with pink splash.
Which one is your favorite?

I’m still waiting on the boxes now, there will be something special on the Capital boxes now.
will be posting again soon

Arif K


Wow, those look great!